PlayStation in 2024: Highlights

Featuring Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Tekken 8, Helldivers II, Foamstars, and more.

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ShwaaMan151d ago

Pretty underwhelming I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been frustrated with Sonys “roadmap” or lack thereof for a few years now. They need to step up communication with the community, it’s been crickets for so long and they used to be pretty good at having a better cadence of announcements and releases. I wonder if the 12(!) Gaas really screwed this up… probably.

derek151d ago

@ShwaaMan if you can't find anything worth playing out of all the exclusives Sony has coming in 2024 or from the list of several multiplatform releases then the problem is you. Gamers have so much to play these days yet the complaining only grows.

Lightning77151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Yet ppl were told multplats dont matter as much as exclusive. I guess that logic swings the opposite direction now suddenly.

ShwaaMan150d ago

Relax. It’s called “constructive criticism”and if we don’t do it then the bullshit trends that have been happening for the past few years will only get worse. I’m talking about Sony first party’s, which are every Sony fans bread and butter and they have had either mixed or flat out terrible messaging. If you haven’t noticed this by now you aren’t paying attention. I’m as stoked for FF7 as anyone, don’t go all fanboy on me now.

150d ago
Cacabunga150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

terrible list apart from rebirth which isn't even a Sony game.. looks like I am not going to game on PS5 next year much. I will grab the occasion to play all games I still didn't start (Wo Long, RE4, Witcher 3, FF7 Crisis Core PS5).
i am actually still playing PS4 these days.. almost never touching PS5.

I hope Sony are realising the decline in software quality over the years..

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Elda150d ago

Agreed. I really don't want to see trailers for games that are not releasing in 2 years or longer but they should at least keep the PS community/customers informed with what's releasing in the next 12 months when it comes to their exclusives & first party offerings. It seems like drips & drabs.

Abnor_Mal151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Exclusive games famine.

hiroyukisanada151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

2024 is looking insane for me so far 😂:
Tekken 8
Tlou 2 Remaster
Granblue Fantasy Relink
Persona 3 Reload
Helldivers 2
FF7 Rebirth
Rise of the Ronin
Lost Soul Aside
Stellar Blade
Black Myth Wukong

Lightning77151d ago

I'll take Ronin and Stellar Blade definitely.

Travesty150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

They only released the first half of 2024. Looking forward to playing HellDivers 2 and FF 7: Rebirth and also Rise of Ronin.
Their still Fairgames, Concord, and Bungie’s multiplat Marathon. I doubt Wolverine will come out this year but if it did it would be great, none the less.
Also multiple projects from NCSoft coming as well but I don’t know the release. A joint developer project Horizon MMO, project M, and Projeto LLL.
And the Chinese developer making Convallaria looks pretty interesting.

There is still a void FPS and third person shooters. They have a great catalog of IP’s. Socom is a great one and a fun shooter like Warhawk will be great also. Just bring back a multiplayer version of Warhawk like the PS3, so many good memories with that game with my friends.
Socom would be a great game and in my opinion is needed for Sony now more than ever. If they can make a fun Socom again, maybe like an extraction style game doing objectives and killing other players kind of like DMZ that would be so much fun..

purple101150d ago

Zububtech on twitter has info on what every Sony 1st party is working on or rumoured to be working on compiled from job applications

Check it out.

Twisted metal. Mmm mmm mmmm


Former Square Enix Exec Sheds Light On Final Fantasy Sales Expectations & Budget Realities

A former Square Enix executive has shed light on sales expectations and budget realities of the Final Fantasy series.

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CrimsonWing692h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Yea, I love how so many on here did simple math like 3mill x $70 = they made a profit.
When that’s not even close to how this works.

They take the years spent and equate the ROI to the sum % of stock prices during the years of development to do a baseline ROI and then you have the 30% taken out of every sale on a platform EXCEPT for Steam, which is 12%.

Nobody factors in the cost for production of physical media, the cost of advertising, marketing, and the loss from discounts/used game sales and they wonder why selling 3 mill for FF16 isn’t profitable. Or they don’t understand amortization and how games are supposed to generate profit over a long period of time.

Instead, they say Square makes unreasonable expectations for a game to sell when it’s the reality of the cost of AAA development and ROI. I wish I could go back and reply to comments where people jumped down my throat telling me FF16 and FF7 Rebirth were financially successful and I had no idea what I’m talking about.

EternalTitan2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

3mil is not a flop. 3X70 means 210 million. That still made some profit because gaming industry does have a high profit market/product.
Its just that this was not able to cover their fiscal year and disasters like Forsepoken.
Also 16 wasnt even a JRPG let alone an RPG let alone a Final Fantasy game.

CrimsonWing691h ago

This is exactly what I’m talking about…

StoneTitan1h ago

You are wrong about steam only taking 12%
Steam takes 30%
The Unreal store takes 12%

CrimsonWing691h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Dang it, that’s what I meant. EGS only does 12% which is why exclusive deals for them are better for the devs in terms of getting more on a sale.

So with the 30% taken out of a $70 the pub/dev gets $49. Less for discounted sales and none for used game sales.

VersusDMC44m ago

The problem is you assume it is simple math for FF16 and Rebirth. You don't know how much money Sony paid for exclusivity or if they reduced the 30% cut as well.

Both those games definitely made money and still have PC versions to be released.

CrimsonWing6926m ago(Edited 24m ago)

How can you say that when you don’t know?

Here just for context, Spider-Man 2 was $300 mill. In order to break even, that is no profit, they needed to sell 7 mill copies. That’s at full price, btw. So, we’re not saying 7 mill copies that could be $20 each or at a discount.

FF16 Selling 3 mill was probably a good sign in the beginning until sales stopped hard. You know what Square did then?
Something pretty drastic that plummeted their net profits by 65% and operating income by 78% and put them in the red. They paid the dev cost themselves. The reason was sales halted so badly that doing this would make every game sell at a profit moving forward and looks better to investors.

So, just to recap a highly expensive AAA game like Spider-Man 2 at $300 mill budget has to sell over 7 mill to make a profit and even more so for ROI. FF16 did 3 mill and sales slumped so badly they paid off the dev cost instead of allowing for amortization.

FF7 Rebirth was estimated at 2.5 mill and slowing down…

So, yea, those sales don’t even cover the dev cost. How are you coming to the conclusion that they sold well enough?

EternalTitan2h ago

Stop making terrible game like 16 and it will be fine.

VersusDMC41m ago

The 3 million plus selling, 87 metacritic game is definitely the problem and not the mediocre bombs like diofield, harvestella or Valkyrie alysium...

franwex22m ago

Hard disagree here. It’s not a terrible game. Not being YOUR cup of tea is different. Some people don’t like Tetris, and that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible game.


Stellar Blade Added As Reward For PlayStation Stars Members

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's Stellar Blade has now been added as a reward for PlayStation Stars members.

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Hugodastrevas1d 6h ago

No thank you, I prefer to own my games physically whenever possible.

monkey6025h ago

These never seem to justify the rewards. You'd be better off earning the stars and redeeming them for the store credit. Then using that store credit towards the game like Stellar Blade. You would get further with your points that way and spend less of them