Gamespot: Fat Princess CES 2009 Hands-On

Fat Princess has been on Gamespot's radar since the cartoony action game first appeared at E3. The game's cute exterior hides a challenging experience that puts a whole new spin on your standard capture the flag formula. They had the chance to try out an updated version of the game that featured more polish than its debut last year. Boasting cleaner visuals, refined control, polished up gameplay and improved audio, the game is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

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tocrazed4you4203d ago

This game sounds really really fun I think this might be my first first day PSN purchase game for me.

SmokingMonkey4203d ago

j/k had you guys going.

day 1 for me

crck4203d ago

I believe its set for Spring 09.

Parappa084203d ago

yeh im gonna get this game as well hopefully on day one