CES 09: Xbox 360 IPTV dream not dead yet


"Remember Xbox 360 IPTV rollout? Though the wonderful fantasy of replacing our stodgy cable DVRs with an all-in-one Left 4 Dead playing / channel surfing beast has dried up like a raisin in the sun, Dave Zatz confirmed with Microsoft booth reps that BT is (still) planning on deploying the service, and despite the NXE the UI will retain the look of the current Motorola boxes pictured above. Now that U-Verse has delivered Total Home DVR and upgraded beyond 1 HD stream at a time, maybe they can get to work on this deployment next?"

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PlayStation3604202d ago

then I'm afraid you are mistaken. PS3 IPTV is already in service in Korea, MegaTV.

Sonyslave34202d ago

man ms keep on adding stuff i can't wait for E3 to c what ms got up their sleeve

DNAgent4202d ago

I'm sure they have no games for 2009 and more defective products & overpriced mediocre DLC to waste money on.

lord_of_balrogs4202d ago

How would IPTV work exactly? I don't get the concept.

ArmrdChaos4202d ago

Think of it like direct TV but over your internet connection. If you want to get a better idea then look into AT&T's Uverse.

Unfortunately it is not available everywhere....yet. If MS was smart they would start partnering up with them to provide box alternatives to those who might want one of their decoders to be a game box.

lord_of_balrogs4202d ago

So if my 360 had an internet connection but the tv connected didn't have cable I could still stream tv over the 360?

Godmars2904202d ago

The main issue is cable providers that MS would have to go through. Since you're talking about multiple companies, each who would have their own set of rules and conditions, you're talking about a major headache.

Regardless, if MS does manage to pull it off, expect to have to get a gold account to use it.

caffman4202d ago

sucking and taking it up ass the while screaming "I wish I had a 360!!!!!" are 2 different things

PlayStation3604202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

As a U-verse Subscriber, I'm set.

@ Balrogs. If you're still wondering what U-verse is all about. Basically, you hook your internet connection to an AT&T modem (of course AT&T provides it), you hook up an ethernet cable from the modem to the set-top-box (or in this case it might be the 360), then you plug up the cables from the set-top-box to the TV (using composite cables or HDMI).

And there ya go, IPTV :)

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