Rumour: EA Planning Layoffs, Mobile Division Already Hit

Kotaku: "Electronic Arts may have additional layoffs planned for the new year, as a source at the company tells us that the publisher is planning to lay off 400 more employees by the end of March.

Whether that's on top of the 1,000 employees EA already announced it would let go as part of a restructuring plan is unclear and we're waiting to hear back from the publisher on clarification. The cuts are said to affect both contractors and regular full-time employees.

According to the source, EA Mobile has already shed 45 staffers, with QA testers being let go at the end of this month.

EA did not yet comment on the validity of the rumored layoffs. We'll update when and if they do."

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wil4hire4199d ago

I'll drink to all the layoffeees tonight.

TOO PAWNED4199d ago

Only Sony is bullet proof from recession. They are so awesome that "recession" doesn't even there to come close to Sony, "it"(recession) actually runs away when it sees or hears name SONY. That's how rad Sony is.
Just in case you guys didn't know it.

Bnet3434199d ago

dude are you serious lol. Sony layed off 8500 employees .. 8500! They layed off the most out of anyone. Look up the article man, it was right here on N4G.

theycallmeryan4199d ago

Hopefully its just a rumour but its probably not :(.

Theoneneo814199d ago

Yeah i hope this doesn't effect the people who make games For iphone they have made some great games so far

Covenant4199d ago

Wait, that's the PS3..., it's the Wii...

wait again, it's the 360...

uh oh, it's the PSP..., now it appears to be the Dreamcast...


Tsalagi4199d ago

Holding all their AAA titles until the weeks before Xmas and having next to nothing to float them throughout the rest of the year is a dumb business plan. There was an article on here a while back showing that the majority of gamers were near 30 years old. That means they aren't waiting to christmas for mommy and daddy to buy them games. Release titles all throughout the year and you'll make enough profit to keep the stockholders happy. Don't and risk having lousy sales when your game gets lost in the mass of others released in December.

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