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Gamecell: As a single-player experience, there's little to recommend Resistance 2 over the glut of quality shooters available right now. The rare glimpses of graphical and level design brilliance are horribly over-shadowed by the garish, uninspired locations and complete lack of originality. As a multiplayer game it really comes into its own offering up to 60 player battles and a sublime co-op experience that redefines the way you'll look at the mode in other shooters.

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edwineverready3663d ago

I just finished the ressitance2 campaign and it was boring. not even one vehicle level. just shooting at aliens all the time. i like the co-op online do, but will sell it for skate2.

madpuppy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I can barely tolerate the game. The damn hordes of weaponless enemy's just suck. I don't like the 2 weapon load out, because if you see a lark you know what you will have in store for you next, a boss. takes all the surprise out of the game.

UnSelf3662d ago

Ya gamers are insatiable. I love R2 and cant wait for R3.

90 player online FTW!!


I have to agree.I would have given the game 7/10 if not for the boss fights.The single player i did not like, i can not even be bothered to finish it.It gets boring.But the multiplayer is good but i dont really play it;im still on cod4.

BulletToothtony3662d ago

not great but really good.. problem is that most people never played rfom, so they don't know what tha hell was going on.. the story is very deep but it could've been better i agree.. i'm still getting retribution simply cause i love the story so much.

MazzingerZ3662d ago

R2 SP was better than RFOM SP and RFOM was really fun to play so that's says it all.

Historically, people have always complained about vehicles levels but now all of the sudden they are important...

A R2 review 2 months after release...I think there are enough good ones from important sites to this one have any impact or relevance

Doppy3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I think it's complete bull that people complain about finding the rocket launcher and knowing there's a boss. Almost every shooter does it, except you have to find the weapon after you encounter the boss. SO seeing the boss first then finding the rocket launcher would have made it better?

Resistance 2 is one of the best FPS. Single Player was just fine. It didn't have enough story to me compared to Resistance 1, but overall it was still good. Co-op is great, as well as competitive.

As far as skill goes Resistance 2 takes as much skill as any other game. I hate when people say it take more skill to play game "X" rather than game "Y". That's complete bull. The thing is it takes a different type of skill to play certain games, and the problem is you're either better at the other game (COD in this case) or you prefer the other game more. In COD you need great accuracy, timing and cover to get kills and to stay alive. However in Resistance there are guns that can see and shoot through walls, snipers, close range weapons and more which is why you have to keep moving because someone will find you and kill you.

As far as skill goes in Resistance, skill is jumping off a building killing someone while getting shot by someone else, jumping on a launcher landing on a rooftops turning around throwing a grenade and killing the guy that was shooting you. That's the kind of skill you need in Resistance. You could never do this in COD because you will die right after getting shot from the other guy shooting you. Which is why I prefer Resistance more. I like Arcadey shooters.

That being said R2 is way different from R1 they need to balance that a lot better in the 3rd one. They also need to bring back the weapon wheel, the older enemies, and the old weapons, + new ones.

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PoSTedUP3662d ago

game is intence, gets my heart pounding every time i play it.

i give it a 9.2/10 just for having an awesome online with 60 players, plus coop is really fun.

graphics n art style is good (should play all games in HD)

cool weapons, sick intence gameplay, story is good SO FAR.

well off to play some socom, HoO RaH!!!!

Sasanova3662d ago

game is a solid 9 to delivers for a FPS

PistolPumptMonk3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Am I the only person who is tired of seeing every FPS being judged only by its contribution to the genre in regards to innovation? Who cares if there are other games where you do similar stuff, ITS RIDICULOUSLY FUN. Seriously, I have played SO many FPS games, and I think R2's single player campaign is one of my favorites. Yes, I love HL 1 and 2, they are amazing and original, but originality DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL AMAZINGNESS. (Note: in the case of HL 1 and 2 it does equal amazingness but that is not the sole reason).

If a game takes a genre and polishes it to near perfection, I am not really that worried about how much it innovates. It is important, but its not ALL THAT MATTERS. For example, I think Far Cry 2 is a good game, I own it, but I got bored with that game SO much faster than I did with R2 or COD: WAW. Neither of the latter two is original in regards to innovating the FPS genre, but they are both fun as hell and super intense. Am I wrong for thinking that makes them better games than Far Cry 2?

Basically, innovation is great, and we need it to push games forward. But just because a game doesn't have you doing something thats never been done before doesn't mean it can't be incredibly fun and an excellent gaming experience. Game reviewers feel like they have to judge games based on some scale that doesn't even exist, instead of comparing games to similar games in the genre. I'm tired of this, R2 is amazing, the single player is straight baller, and anyone who says the words "derivative shooter" in the same sentence needs to be smacked in the face with the butt of a bullseye.

Max Power3662d ago

its rather hard to innovate a FPS, but i think R2 did manage to innovate co-op and competitive play (in the fact that each map has several different layout depending on amount of players, and type of game play)

Lon3wolf3662d ago

No you are not wrong about FC2 as I view this and the previous title more a showcase for the engine than fully fleshed out games just my opinion mind.

pixelsword3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I don't mean to get on this dude too hard, but It's 2009, This review is just hitting N4G?


Everyone is moving to Killzone 2, b.k.a. the next big thing.

I guess they'll review that spunky new game Mirror's Edge next month.

Thanks for playing,


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