My good ol' DS - What are you bringing me for 2009?

Prime: So my Nintendo DS, what are you going to bring me for this new year of 2009?
Games? Games? MORE GAMES?
Yes, that's just it. Gamers look forward on the new games that the DS will bring them.
But wait a minute, what kind of games? Boring ones? NO! Gamasutra decided to pick out the most awaited games of 2009.

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KeenanTheSavage3663d ago

How? it's the best-selling handheld out there...

kwicksandz3663d ago

Sony fanboys do their best to block out the competition from their mind.

Axecution3662d ago

I have 2 DS's... I do like it. I bought the Guitar Hero on tour bundle since my first gen DS was getting old.
Odd how X-Box fanboys jump to conclusions... Honestly though, despite the fact that i get all my games for free - i haven't gone near my DS in a while. Its been sitting by the door for about a month and a half. And best-selling doesn't mean best.
Again, i don't hate the DS. ...chill.