VGM Reviews Resistance 2: Your friends will wish they had a PS3

Regardless of its multiplayer shortcomings though, Resistance 2 ranks among the very best of single player campaign oriented shooters. The originality of your arsenal combined with time tested FPS mechanics make for an excellent, polished experience. The graphics and audio are also incredible and the cinematic presentation will keep you on your seat throughout the experience as you delve deeper and deeper into Resistance's intriguing world.

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blu3print3572d ago

wrong with the MP in R2?

khellendros13572d ago

I know right? MP is awesome. He's actually one of the few journalists that liked the SP. I personally thought SP was fantastic but some people have been incredibly picky.

rroded3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

A maxed out soldier on the co-op is pure pawnage n lvl 15 on competitive gives you the final berserk (lark/pulse) dm/tdm is insane on a full room n core control (ie ctf) is hella fun (beserks like invisibility and adrenalin boost are worth their weight in gold) Skirmish can get pretty intense if your well matched. (highly recommend playing with a clan that has mandatory mikes)

Lastlivingsoul3572d ago

Yeah I feel like campaign had been unfairly and harshly judged. But multiplayer on R2 is some seriously fun stuff...Until KZ2 and Fear2 come out.

rogimusprime3572d ago

surprisingly I found the "overload" berserk pretty fun. Running into a crowd of enemy players screaming "ALLAAAAAAH" on the mic and blowing them to smithereens is a great time.

GrooveMachine3572d ago

Single player doesn't yield much joy.
Graphics were disappointing texture wise.
Multiplayer modes are fantastic and that's what i play the game for.