Xbox Takes #1 Spot In Top Ten 'Most Covered' Games And Companies Of 2023

Pure Xbox writes, "It's been the talk of the web this year!"

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Crows90209d ago

Funny how my 2 biggest disappointments of the year were by far the most covered with a ridiculous amount of media attention.

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shinoff2183208d ago

Shows you what money can buy crow

InUrFoxHole207d ago

Didn't see forspoken getting that much media coverage so what do you mean?

itsmebryan207d ago

Starfield won just as many awards as Spiderman 2, so it can't be that bad. 😁

Chevalier207d ago

At least Playstation has Goty nominations and wins in the last 10 years whereas Xbox can go 10 YEARS without a Goty nominee. 😆

Gamingsince1981207d ago

Starfield wasn't nominated for any though ........ spider-man 2 was, at least it was in the running.

InUrFoxHole207d ago

Lol at least it was in the running??? Yet still in the same boat

Zeref207d ago

It's because you playstation fanboys can't stop talking about Xbox 😂

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Nyxus209d ago

Well at least they're #1 in something.

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MrDead209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

MS banning multiplatform games from gamers could be a reason.

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itsmebryan207d ago

Microsoft has announced games on steam, Nvidia, steam box Xbox, Meta VR, Samsung, Nintendo, mobile, and the cloud. Just to name a few.
That sounds like multi platform to me.

Sony has games on PS5 an a few on PC.

What platform is MS banning games from? Please explain.

Chevalier207d ago

You're either an idiot or completely blind. Indiana Jones was originally multiplatform then Xbox got the contract rewritten to exclude Playstation, Hellblade 2 sequel was literally on every platform and now is only on Xbox and PC.


But yeah let's pretend Xbox didn't just buy 2 large publishers and many studios to exclude Playstation.

Outerworlds 2 exclusive? Elderscrolls 6? Which will have previously been multiplatform? Ark 2? Timed Stalker 2?

InUrFoxHole206d ago

With news of x-men, as usual your comments lack thought and timing.

MrDead205d ago

Is Insomniac $80 billion of multiplatform publishers that has been banned from it's most profitable platform and gamers?

As usual you're comments lack any intelligence on gaming related matters.

Jin_Sakai208d ago

Mediocre games like Diablo 4 and Starfield got a lot of coverage. People just couldn’t stop talking about how bad they are.

Yui_Suzumiya208d ago

Starfield is a masterpiece. Far from bad. This isn't GTA or God of War we're talking about after all.

MaximusPrime_208d ago

in world's eye, NMS is a masterpiece hence most people returned to NMS after finding Starfield a complete borefest.

Knightofelemia208d ago

Starfield is a here today gone tomorrow type game. And it's advertised as open world. Open world means open world not run into invisible forcefields.

shinoff2183208d ago

I went to star ocean 2 remake soon as it came out. Still to this day the best space rpg ever.

ziggyzinfirion207d ago

Yeah Starfield is masterpiece, master piece of sh1t.

itsmebryan207d ago

I don't really play RPGs and I'm enjoying Starfield. Only problem with Gamepass it has so many game my backlog is getting long.. what game did people expect it would be?

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Rude-ro208d ago

That and Microsoft has a lot of money in “media” outlets.
A lot.

itsmebryan207d ago

Sony has the #1 selling console shoildnt they have equal money? What 1st party games the sony has coming out that media should be reporting on?

Gamingsince1981207d ago (Edited 207d ago )


Because MS money comes from their software market like Windows, Sony money comes from pretty much 90 percent console and games. Compare xbox to PS and its a white wash for Sony. You keep making a lot of stupid points and looking more dumb as you go on.

itsmebryan207d ago

How could Starfield be mediocre if it won as many awards as Spiderman 2?