Sony Plans To Expand PS Plus Services Across Multiple Platforms, Leaks Reveal

Xbox Game Pass may have a new competitor in the future for multi-platform domination.

RAFTECH26179d ago

Way too late.
MS already has a huge library…. On top of that, the usage of activision hasn’t even been implemented.

The console war has moved to subscription war.
I would rather go game pass. Cloud.

andy85179d ago

Depends on the price tbh. PS Extra has more quality, GP has some day one games.

RAFTECH26179d ago

I have seen the ps plus library.
Those new announced additions have been in game pass from time.

Sony would have to do day 1.

Even then……. Is that sustainable for them?

The question that was asked gamepass from time.

Remember, Microsoft has deeeeeeeeep pockets. In order to sustain, Sony would have to increase their prices from their consumers….

S2Killinit178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Personally, a Crunchyrol sub bundle with PSPlus would make it the best value ever.

FinalFantasyFanatic178d ago

Honestly, a Crunchyroll sub bundle is the only thing that would change my mind at this point.

andy85178d ago

But I'm talking about the overall library, not this months additions.

itsmebryan178d ago

What day one games? 2024 is only TLoU2 remasterd (old) and Venom that should have been in SM2. PleAse explain

redrum06178d ago

Don't agree with you. I have both the XSX and PS5, and while PS has pretty awesome 1st party titles, I find most of their 3rd party titles are lacking in quality. GP offers a lot more when it comes to that.

Zeref176d ago

More quality? I don't think even you believe your own nonsense 😂. Gamepass objectively has better games.

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just_looken178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

This and sony does not have the cash flow too support a game pass style like microsoft has been doing but they could put a app store of there games on pc.

Or they could dip into there huge pile of dead ips put those on a gamepass style that would work.

fr0sty178d ago

Microsoft doesn't either, which is why they have openly admitted that if subscriptions do not dramatically increase by 2027 it's going to drive them out of the console business entirely.

just_looken178d ago


I love this site a company that has a net worth of 2.5 trillion dollars makes over 50 billion every 4 months is now poor.

Gamingsince1981178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

"I love this site a company that has a net worth of 2.5 trillion dollars makes over 50 billion every 4 months is now poor."

That's what MS earns not what xbox earns, they aren't going to put all their profits into a failing business like xbox just to keep it alive.

DarXyde178d ago

"I love this site a company that has a net worth of 2.5 trillion dollars makes over 50 billion every 4 months is now poor."

It's not about being poor. It is what MS said themselves and clearly, if a division of your company is "gangrenous" it gets scaled down, if not eliminated. Publishers and platform holders do this all the time with studios.

How do you not know or understand this?

It's fair to be skeptical of what they say about anything because MS and even Sony at times are very wishy washy.

But I reckon the way they've been moving, they don't really want to stay in the console game long-term, but that's just me.

No one is saying they're going broke. They're just following Microsoft's own statements on the matter.

Ozzy2407178d ago

They are referring to this article

177d ago
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TheDreamCorridor178d ago

There is no war.

Xbox Series X|S aren't gonna outsell the PS5.

And neither Sony nor Microsoft are gonna be able to catch the Switch this generation.

It's better just to have each company do their own thing rather than compete.

fr0sty178d ago

Switch isn't "this generation".

Gamingsince1981178d ago

Switch will be beaten by ps5 before the ps5 gen is over, and switch is last gen

Yui_Suzumiya177d ago

Switch will likely dominate and become the highest selling console of all time.

DarXyde177d ago

"Switch isn't "this generation"."


I swear to God, it's impossible to get people to agree on where the Switch falls.

Against PS4/Xbox One, it was not the same generation. Now, same hardware from Nintendo and new hardware from Sony and Microsoft, and they're STILL not part of the same generation. It's incredible.

If no one can agree on where to place the Switch, perhaps we should just agree to ignore the concept of generations and focus on what concurrent devices are competing. Makes far more sense, especially when PC is also a competing platform and good luck trying to nail down which generation PC is "part of".

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Melankolis178d ago

Being late doesn't mean they're not going to profit at all.
Playstation brand will play role.
Xbox might be strong in the US, but the term "Playstation" for videogaming has been replacing "Nintendo" in Asia since late 90's. Everyone knows Playstation, Xbox is a stranger here and the main franchise here isn't CoD or Western RPGs.

Crows90178d ago

What are you smoking. PlayStation subscription has a much bigger library.

Zeref176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Yeah it's padded with ps1 to ps4 titles and bottom tier 3rd party games. Does it even offer ps5 titles yet? Afaik that's still not the case.

gold_drake178d ago

what is it with ppl thinking theres still a "console war" going on? get a grip.

also, a huge library means nothing if the content is trash

REDGUM178d ago

Sorry but I find you're comment delusional. Are you not keeping up with what gamers, players & users are wanting these days? If it were to be what Microsoft are offering, why such drastic differences in sales and demand for all other platforms other than the Microsoft console.
I get it, people will defend to the bitter end thier own platform preference but the worldwide sales speak for themselves in my opinion.

smolinsk178d ago

But Sony has the games people want.

ironmonkey178d ago

so xbox lost the console war and sucks?

yeahokwhatever178d ago

excuse me, your bias is showing.

S2Killinit178d ago

lol way to move goal posts