Undead Knights developer loves the PSP, made for real gamers

PSPFanboy writes: Undead Knights was announced as a PSP exclusive at Tokyo Game Show last year. We haven't seen anything on Undead Knights since, but Gamasutra managed to get an interview out of the mysterious Team Tachyon crew at Tecmo. The interview reveals that Kohei Shibata is in love with the PSP. He wanted to target hardcore gamers with this dark action game, and PSP was an ideal fit: "With the PSP versus the DS, it just seems like the DS lends more toward the casual gamers, and I'm not sure if the real gamers are there [wanting] an action gameplay experience."

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gaminoz5673d ago

I hope this turns out to be a good game: the PSP really does need more software!!! I was only looking forward to Resistance Retribution until this.

vox5673d ago

as owner of a psp and ds, i'm offended
"real games" is just hype and marketing bs, they're just trying to cater to a market obsessed with mature titles but it's all style over substance.. if you consider realistic a style.. let's see a game like hotel dusk be successful on the psp

Cajun Chicken5673d ago

Nah, the PSP is all about real typical console games and game mechanics people are used to shrunk down for handheld and it really works too!

Just look at Daxter, R&C: Size Matters, GoW:CoO and the GTA games, they work exactly the same as their elder counterparts, they worked perfectly fine and with mightily impressive graphics for any handheld to date.

Bnet3435673d ago

Don't know if the DS is "casual" because unlike the Wii, I can name a lot of good games on DS.

Argento-Nox5673d ago

Have you not seen cooking mama, nintendogs, petz, learning japanese/chinese etc., the cooking instructor, Bratz, etc.? The DS is definitely casual 1st, core 2nd.

The DS is more casual than the psp, and it pretty much set the precedent for the Wii to do the same thing. The only differences is that the DS has more core games than the Wii at the moment (kind of sad if you ask me).

gametheory5673d ago

It has something for everyone. Not as much as the PS2 but it comes close enough. The PSP has a lot of good titles too.

PotNoodle5673d ago

That like their handheld gaming platforms, game-less :)

Nah seriously though, it is a great platform - just a shame development died on it, lets hope sonys "2009 is the year of the psp" claim has substance.

Baka-akaB5673d ago

Well it has for me , with dissidia , the level 5 horror game , resistance , ffXiii and a few other exclusives .

PSP got less stuff than the DS , but it got quite a few great already released or upcopming games . It would only be smart imo to own both the DS and PSP .

mastiffchild5673d ago

Yeah. I love both of em myself. Last year I lost time to TWEWY on the DS, and was amazed by GOW:CoO on PSP. This year is gonna be great as well with reprisals of Locoroco and Patapon on PSP and the emergence of GTA with China town Wars for DS.
The Third Birthday looks amazing, can't waait for issidia to arrive in the west, Resistance Retribution is going to try lots of cool connectivity with PS3-there's plenty coming for PSP owners this year.
Moon looks like breaking the drought that has lasted since Metroid Hunters for FPS's on DS imo while the quality of action and trad RPGs for both handhelds is going to go through the roof in 09. FF tactics and FF4 did the groundwork last year and there's loads on the way.
DS does have lots of casual games but purely because so many people own one there's still a decent market for more serious games to thrive while the nature of the PSP(and franchises like Monster Hunter)mean it has most of it's games in this bracket.
Get both and never miss out is the way to go.


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Inception4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

Yeah, i luv kasumi tits <3
but i never have the time for playing DoA tits...em i mean DoA Paradise
is it worth the time & money?


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