Madden 24 and NBA 2K24 draw comparisons as community votes on the better one

The Madden 24 and NBA 2K24 communities have some crossover, and they believe there's one game that is clearly better.

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shinoff2183117d ago

Although I hate the coin bs in 2k. Nba 2k is a much better game. Madden can't even get real life like stats right. Madden been a Clow show for years. Nba 2k feels like a much better simulation type game which is what I like since I'm not into online.

thorstein115d ago

Perfect take. NFL2K5 is still the GOAT for NFL video games.

Outside_ofthe_Box117d ago

They are both trash because they both have no competition

badboyz09115d ago

2K has competition but no one can compete with 2K. EA on the other hand has a monopoly with the NFL.

shinoff2183113d ago

No one is allowed to compete with madden due to ea and nfl. No one will step up to compete with 2k. Even nba live went away. That's not 2k fault.

115d ago

2K is Cracking Down on NBA 2K24 PC Cheaters

In the words of LeBron James, "It's About Damn Time!" 2K announced on its official Discord channel that NBA 2K24 has implemented new protections against cheating tools and their-party software / scripts.

Jon615864d ago

I bought this game on sale as I havent played a 2k basketball game since 2k7 and lets just say I wish I could get my money back


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