Kratos and Ape Escape Costumes appear on PSN Asia Store

LittleBIGPlanetoid writes: The God of War 'Kratos' and Ape Escape 'Pipo Monkey' costumes have recently popped up on the PlayStation Asia Store, listed as being available from January 8th. However, we're not quite sure why these costumes have popped up on the store. Their descriptions seem to imply that they are only available to a select group of people. The Pipo monkey costume is one of the prizes available in the PlayStation Asia Design a Sackboy competition, however the final winners are not announced until February 15th.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Ape Escape on PS1 was Brilliant
(Monkey Boxing was Mad)
Ape Escape 2 on PS2 was Brilliant
(Monkey Football was a LAUGH)
Ape Escape 3 on PS2 was Brilliant
(MGS Game on it was Funny) ;)

DavidMacDougall3568d ago

I wish my ps3 still worked but i used it to much now its my eyesight that is taking a hit

PlayStation3603568d ago

I saw someone have that Ape costume. I was like, "where the hell you got that?"
But, was a Japanese dude/chick :( So I got no response, or at least a response I couldn't understand :P

But it' all good though, I got 'em on my buddy list :)

Kick The Ass3568d ago

I simply love Ape Escape, it was briliant all the way!
And didn't it have pretty innovating controls, with the weapons being controlled with the Right Stick?

But, more importantly, it also had no gore at all, and was still fun.

Dir_en_grey3568d ago

was on the Japanese PSN for a while and they took it off... I wonder why though, it's the only LBP costume that has disappeared after initial launch.