The Next Console Manufacturer - Electronic Arts?

The question is: who would be the next company to jump into the game and make their own console? The company that would be the most intriguing would be Electronic Arts, and what a behemoth they could potentially be. GameStooge cites some factors onto why EA might try their hand, and comes up with a huge list.

An excerpt: "EA has the licensing. Imagine the console sports landscape with every EA Sports title suddenly exclusive to a single console? "You can only get Madden on our system!" They already have the premiere soccer (FIFA) and hockey (NHL) titles. Then you have all of their other powerful licenses - The Sims, for example. Rock Band. Valve's console adaptations. Mass Effect. Command & Conquer. Battlefield. Burnout. The Simpsons. Can you imagine how it would rock the gaming landscape if they announced: "The Sims 4, only on our system! Rock Band 3, only on our system! Call of Duty, only on our system!" iD Software. Even relatively defunct licenses could get new life, like Wolfenstein, Need for Speed and Medal of Honor. Can you say Spore 2?"

One wonders why they haven't done it already - or if they're planning it now and are waiting to strike.


Call of Duty removed - it's Activision, not Electronic Arts.

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Smacktard4194d ago

The sad thing is, if EA put out a console and made their sports games console exclusives for it, they'd easily push millions of consoles.

This makes me sad.

JonahFalcon4194d ago

Which is why I wonder why they haven't done it - that is, if they're not planning it already.

But forget the sports titles for a moment - Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Rock Band 3 only on their console?

bomboclaat_gamer4194d ago

since when is call of duty from EA? maybe i live in space or something

lord_of_balrogs4194d ago

The licensing stops them from making games like Fifa, Madden, Nhl, and Nba games exclusives. The licensing for these games makes it so EA has to make multiplatforms as exclusive games for these licenses are prohibited.

Viper74194d ago

Dunno, I dont see EA as bad as many seem to. I might actualy buy the console since the list of exclusives seems pretty good.

They make bad and good games, and they might not be trying as much with all of their series that they should but they do have some really great studios on their hands.

jadenkorri4194d ago

entering the console war with those exclusives won't even phase me, i used to be an idiot buying every NHL game that came out, after about 6 games later, around NHL 2006, i started realizing i only played maybe a season before the next one came out.. EA is only good for one thing, buying up successful games then pooring out the same game over and over as sequels, we all know ea knows how to beat a dead horse, even when its been bludgeoned to death, they still keep beating the dead horse.. C&C is one of there games which was personally a fav of mine, until red alert 3, got ti for the pc, played for like an hr, forced me to do a tutorial...(im sorry EA...but after 3 games +, we get it, we know how to play this game) which bored me to death to the point the game is now collecting dust...thank you EA for destroying almost every game you touch... Thank you Rockstar for not selling out to EA...

gaffyh4194d ago

@jadenkorri - Most people who buy consoles don't even know what "exclusive" means, in Europe for example everyone buys Pro Evo or Fifa when they buy their console and that's it. Nothing else, maybe the newer version when it is released.

In the US it's Madden/NHL/NBA. I hope to God EA doesn't make a console, cos if they do none of the other console manufacturers will get any sales = everyone goes casual route like the Wii

dragunrising4194d ago

Who wants a monopoly? Not me. If this comes to fruition... very bad for the gaming industry. The only way I could see this happening is if Disney buys them out. Otherwise, I don't think EA has the financial clout to enter the console market.

acedoh4194d ago

what they are talking about. The hundreds of millions of dollars to just research and develop a console is not a smart move for any company like EA. EA is in a great position with many popular franchises that sell in the millions. Do you really think EA would be that stupid to take a chance like that with already three companies competing. Even though the video game market is doing very well it still takes companies like SONY and Microsoft at least two years before they see a profit. A profit is not even a guarantee as SEGA knows very well. Also just because franchises like Madden sell very well does not mean they would even see close to the sales being on a single platform. When Madden initially debuted on the SEGA Genesis first it did well but not close to as well as it did when it was available on the SNES also. So as of right now I would not see EA making a move like that...

Mini Mario4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Why would EA make their games only for one system when they can whore themselves out to all 3 systems now.

I mean for starters whats there to gain for them being exclusive to themselves,....they would wana make sure the console they create makes money from each sale.

Especially since companys like sony arent even making money on the console,.. but the GAMES it sells in the first place!

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TOO PAWNED4194d ago

they will never do it. They are too big and they make more money like this.

JonahFalcon4194d ago

Do they? Do you know how much EA pays to console manufacturers in licensing fees as a third party developer?

Graphics Whore4194d ago

Are you aware of how taxing their resources could become if they tried, playing the battlefield on a TRI-FRONT is a much better idea than alienating the world.

Proxy4194d ago

I was always under the impression that the consoles supporting company (Sony and MS, or Nintendo maybe) have to bite the bullet, sell their consoles at a loss, and hope to recover from software licensing and sales.

Besides, how much do they really have to pay to license Madden on any given system?

EA: "Hey Sony, we decided we arn't going to pay your fees for Madden anymore."
Sony: "You have to pay, or you can't publish on PS3."
N4G: "Madden goes 360 exclusive!"

BrunoM4194d ago

they wont do it .. atlest not for now i mean look at Sega 2K sports and all that u dont just need the games (as you can see by Xbox1 and even by Xbox2 ( i mean 360 ) in 2 years a console that you got to pay 2x more sold more than one that is half price not due to games but because of that EXTRA thing it has is market history consumer history and yes the games ..

so i dont see EA doing it right now maibe on the hand held War maibe (where nintendo is king ) but even so the psp is there to stay with more than 50Mil sold thats a wow going vs a Gameboy .. so yeah maibe on a hand held but not Vs Nintendo Sony and Microsoft in that order on consoles ...

but hey what do i know im only a gamer that has been gaming for 21 years have over 15 consoles Heldels over 500 games and still buy more (yes im a colector and yes i do have a life im a soccer player with a contract and a hot as FUK girl lol) lol so yeah i dont se it hapening soon any ways ..

On the EA note cant wait for their HOME space

JonahFalcon4194d ago

That makes no sense at all. Read the full article.

BrunoM4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

i know what your saying and i did read it all all im saying is my VIEW on these i dont think EA would get in to the consoles id see them at best geting in to the hand held war ...

thats all i wasent going line by line with what said there .. just what I think is not all about games is about History with the market and peaople . why so much people like apple and say stuff about microsoft due to their records of LASTING and quality ..

hope now my post does make a bi more sence for you and others .!

JonahFalcon4194d ago

Well, suppose EA tries and fails. You know what happens?


They still have the software development, the licenses, and so forth.

However, if they do it right, they could completely dominate the console world - and remember, they're the ones who WANT a one-console world.

BrunoM4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

I see what you mean but is not that easy ... if they go for it and dont make it there ALOT of money lost Billion lost on looking for the Tech for the console making the console over and over deeals with Nviddia or ATI promos marketing puting it out there paying to make every single one

If you think about it SONY is MUCH bigger than EA and by that i mean SONY corp and even so you see the news here on N4G and all over the net on tv about sony dieing the the ps3 going out if that comes to SONY corp just because the ps3 in 2 year didnt seell more than the 360 in 3 (note that sold more than the 360 in 2 tho) is goi ng out and sony is gonna die what would hapen to ea that dosent have the backing and the bacnk of Sony and now that we are at it Microsoft..?

True if it didnt work they would come back and go like ok it didnt work back to making games but if they started to do that they thing with SONY Nintendo Microsoft wouldetn go that well and all in all they are more save where they stand
but if they would enter the HANDHELD market that would be diffrent and well easyer for them even tho they would stil spend millions on making and what ever the handel but in the end they would use the income from making games for SONY MICROSOFT AND NINTENDO CONSOLES to pay for it and stop suporting the psp and the ds that way they would have a shot that taking thouse 2 out ..

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wibble4194d ago

Nvidia should make a console. They could totally crush Sony and MS.

JonahFalcon4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

They have no licenses to work from - they'd be working completely from scratch, and they're too busy fighting for their life against ATI. They'd lose the money they make from Microsoft and Sony. There's no way Nvidia could start a console.

The only one who might right now aside from Electronic Arts is Apple.

Speaking of how console manufacturing is taxing... what's even more taxing is developing for multiple platforms and having to pay for each one in licensing fees. It's extremely cheap to pocket your own licensing fees, get fees from Sega and others, and only have to develop for ONE system.

Anyway, the whole point of the article is to stir debate. Glad you enjoyed it.

TheColbertinator4194d ago

Nvidia does not have any gaming divisions so they would need to pay out of the ass like MS did to get bungie and Rare

Chuck Norris4194d ago

I don't see this happening for the following reasons:

1. EA would have to give up the exclusivity deal with NFL (Madden) if this were to happen. Madden sells millions of units a year and EA will not allow this to happen.

2. They won't be able to beat Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft who has already established a sizable user-base.

3. EA will make a lot less revenue should they make games exclusively on their own console.

4. They will most likely not get the support of other publishers and they do not make nearly enough games to justify buying a console simply for playing games published by EA.

5. They do not have the expertise when it comes to making consoles and their first attempt will most likely be futile.

What EA should do in order to reduce the costs of licensing and porting of games is to side with one console maker. This will prematurely end any so called "console wars". They have enough influence in the industry to make this happen.

Baka-akaB4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Are we even certain making NFL , NHL , and NBA one console exclusives are impossible , or is it just the cost climbing up quite higher ?
Besides , it's not like EA might refuse portable versions on psp/ds ds2/psp2 iphones etc , hence making it technically multiplatform .

And they'd most likely get Valve's support , along with many PC devs .
Hell if they get wicked they could strike a steam deal on their console

TheColbertinator4194d ago

I disagree with #4

Criterion Games in Guildford, United Kingdom
EA Digital Illusions CE in Stockholm, Sweden
EA Black Box in Vancouver, British Columbia
EA Canada in Burnaby, British Columbia
EA China in Shanghai, China
EA Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California
EA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec
EA Casual Entertainment
Mythic Entertainment (Formerly EA Mythic) in Fairfax, Virginia
EA Korea in Seoul, South Korea
EA Byrnest in Mount Sinai, New York
EA Redwood Shores in Redwood City, California
EA Freestyle in San Francisco, California (Formerly EA Sports Big)
EA Singapore [2]
EA UK [3] in Guildford, Surrey
EA India, Noida
Maxis in Emeryville, California
EA Phenomic in Ingelheim, Germany
EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida
EA Salt Lake in Bountiful, Utah (Formerly Headgate Studios)
EIS (European Integration Studio) in Madrid, Spain
EA Mobile in Bucharest, Romania
EA Mobile in Hyderabad, India
EA Studio in Bucharest, Romania, from 2008
EA Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia, as of October 2007
BioWare in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Austin, Texas, as of January 2008
Pandemic Studios in Los Angeles, California and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, as of January 2008

Chuck Norris4194d ago


Yes, EA does have a huge development team. However, it is not enough. On their own, EA releases about 2-4 games a year which are really must-haves and the rest of their games fall on the "mediocre" scale.

Other publishers may become wary of investing in another console in an already crowded market and do what EA did to Sega's Dreamcast. EA's hypothetical console will not last long without third party support.

A business venture of this scale will cost EA billions of dollars of investments and years before they can recoup their losses. I'm sure that stock-holders are not to keen to invest billions with a fragile world economy still recovering and no return on investments in the foreseeable future.