Game Industry Condemns Insomniac Hack and Shows Support for Spider-Man Devs

The video game industry rushes to Insomniac Games' defense after the leak of its Marvel game slate and more.

-Foxtrot184d ago

Funny how there's so much bullshit in the world from Politicians, Hollywood executives, Big Pharma and so on yet these hackers would rather direct their attention to a games studio of all things.

Not even a shady, money grabbing studio full of sexual harassment cases and the like but Insomniac of all people.

shinoff2183184d ago

Right. Go after these war mongers and fked up politicians(on both sides). Could be such a better place if they used their talent for better purposes.

darthv72183d ago

Do you find it a bit of a double standard when all these outfits reported on the Rockstar, Capcom, MS leaks now take this moral high road when its Insomniac?

Hackers and leakers can suck ass... but to see this selective outrage is disingenuous. They need to be consistent no matter who or what is being hacked/leaked. If its a trailer or screenshot or personal information or whatever... it needs to be condemned always.

dumahim183d ago

What outlets are those? All I'm seeing here is devs condemning the hack. New sites are gobbling it all up.

183d ago
shinoff2183183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

To an extent. Capcom I don't remember, Rockstar should've just released the trailer (if that's what your referring to) but it also seemed like an inside job, far as ms didn't ms accide tly leak some of there own internal sh. Not all of it but pretty sure they accidentally leaked internal info.

Dumahim your right. Sites are eating it up. Darth trying to make something outta nothing.

KrillinShine183d ago



Gamespot, Push Square, and VGC it seems. Jeff Grubb will be "selective" in how they cover it. Probably more but I don't care to look further into it.

They have all covered past leaks between Nintendo, Capcom, and even other Sony games like TLoU2, despite the similar personal information breach of Capcom in particular. These outlets could just focus on the gaming related portion of the leak, but they aren't. This is at best bias, or at worst hypocrisy.

Also a bonus Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games:


dumahim182d ago

Thanks for that. Good to see some are taking a stand.

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outsider1624183d ago

Couldn't have said better. And they hacked personal details of the devs. This is pathetic. I feel bad for the devs really. They didn't deserve this.

anast183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

It relatively less safe to go after governments etc. People don't want to get screwed, so they go after things that seem less harmful to them.

BeHunted183d ago

It's actually safe to target Goverments if you live in a country that doesn't care, like Venezuela and Russia. The only problem is, they'll be an international arrest warrant...

RNTody183d ago

100% this comment. These hackers are pathetic degenerates and I hope they get caught and rot. Instead of using their skills for something useful to the world they go after Insomniac of all developers.

Demetrius183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Exactly smh 🤦🏽 politicians & their lil buddies that think they can hide underground in their hideout homes to keep away from disaster, politicians disgust me

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Einhander1972184d ago

All i have to say about this hack is that Sony needs to start switching it's network off any Microsoft based software and mandate Mac or Linux for it's employees.

183d ago
Michiel1989183d ago

Mac and Linux aren't interchangable words, shows how much you know about it. Love the tinfoil hat btw!

Einhander1972182d ago

Just an FYI I am fully fluent on both Mac and Linux based software.

dumahim183d ago

I kind of wish sites wouldn't report on news that was obtained from the leaks. But we all know they're not going to pass up the juicy info.

shinoff2183183d ago

In the rush to be top dog they have to report on it. I don't blame them for the most part. They didn't leak it and it is news

shinoff2183183d ago

I was talking about the game related stuff not the employee stuff if any of that has been leaked that's trash

dmonee183d ago

This sort of thing should be condemned

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