Cheerleader Pom Poms, the worst videogame accessory of 2009

GoNintendo spotted the worst Wii accessory of 2009 earlier this week and it's called the Wii Hip Street Cheer Pom Poms. It's a pretty bold claim calling this the worst accessory of 2009 since it's still not even the middle of January, but Destructoid thinks GoNintendo is on the money here.

The Pom Poms are actual attachments that snap onto the Wiimote and Nunchuck and they run about $20. The sad thing about this is that you know people are buying it, just like those stupid plastic baseball bats, tennis rackets and so on for the Wiimote.

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gaminoz3621d ago

U R Kidding. Will the Wii rubbish ever end? Shows that the Wii Sex drama posted on youtube (and here) isn't that crazy after all...Pretty soon we will be Wiing with everything in life.