Microsoft knew all problems of the Xbox in 2005?

In an recent juridish document, it seems like Microsoft really knew about the problems for the Xbox 360 launch in 2005.

"The Xbox 360 is defectively designed because when an Xbox 360 is tilted or swiveled -- even slightly -- while a game disc is in the ODD [Optical Disc Drive], ODD components can contact the game disc, creating a distinctive circular "gouge" on the underside of the disc, rendering it permanently unplayable... Microsoft discovered this scratch-inducing design defect prior to launching the Xbox 360, but refused and continues to refuse to remedy the problem."

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Graphics Whore3567d ago

Enough is enough, this tit-for-tat crap has to stop. Please don't approve.

So Easy I Can Do It3567d ago

the ps3 will fall with it? that gets approved?

DavidMacDougall3567d ago

Everyone knows Microsoft are amateurs this shouldn't be news to anyone

Graphics Whore3567d ago

I'm not saying either one is the right thing to do, but it's getting pretty juvenile.

We don't need to keep flooding N4G with stuff that's irrelevant, we know and have proof that Blu-ray is not dying and actually doing amazing, we know Xbox HAD bigger problems than this, I don't think we need to keep hearing about it though.

iamtehpwn3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

beating the Playstation brand was their top priority. They didn't mind paying the cost later if it meant they could beat Sony at it's own game now.

eagle213567d ago

Of course they knew. They were too obsessed with King Sony and rushed it to the market. It will never go away, and costing them billions.

Bnet3433567d ago

I been knowing this. When my first 360 red ringed I got pissed and yelled at the manager through the phone. He admitted to me that the hardware was "brand new at the time"

Doppy3567d ago

I'm sure they did know, but they needed that head start.

Heldrasil3567d ago

Agreed! How many tiems do we have to read this SAME story? Thought we were supposed to see NEWS here, not age old article re-written.

ReBurn3567d ago

Seems like a duplicate story to me.

Both this article and the one I linked discuss the documents that supposedly prove that Microsoft knew about the problem.

takz3567d ago

lets just ignore this and all other injustices while we are it because HEY! gears of war 2 rocks.

and people wonder why the world is so messed up geez!!!

gaffyh3567d ago

OK this sh*t about moving the console whilst it's on is retarded, I would have though it would be common sense not to move the console when it's on.

RROD and Disc reading issues, fair enough MS should be sued for that, but disc scratching when you move the console whilst playing a game is just stupid. You deserve to have your disc scratched if you do that.

wil4hire3567d ago

You can literally flip a PS3/PS2/PS1 Upside down while spinning without your disc getting scratched. As you can with most modern day dvd players, they latch the disc in pretty well.

MS skimped on the 360 to not make the same mistakes they had with an overly expensive Xbox1. And unfortunately its costing them.

Thier consoles cant even survive expos. They always die inside the case. While the PS3/Wii all seem to be able to work normaly in the earths natural atmosphere.

But hey, what do I know. I just enjoy not worrying about disc scratching or high rates of hardware failure.



This is literally a case of QUANTITY over QUALITY.

phosphor1123566d ago

but when you don't move them? Wtf? How sh*tty of a product can you make and get away with it?

SaiyanFury3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

It's already been admitted by MS that the 360 has a faulty design. Sure they admitted it after the high failure rate in excess of 30% of their hardware line. MS hasn't changed the design of the console, merely taking small steps to try and minimize it. Making the CPU and GPU with a smaller die stamp to try and lower heat emissions, but even that hasn't gone very far to eliminate the problem. The 360 design was rushed because Microsoft was eager to beat Sony in console sales and faulty hardware was one big finger being pointed at this. Sure, Sony made broad promises about the release of the PS3 and because it was "late" to the party, people are fast to make the PS3 out to be a complete failure. Umm, not so much. The PS3 has a far lower failure rate compared to the 360, last I checked it was less than 1%. Microsoft's mission this generation is to beat Sony at any cost, be it buying previously exclusive PS platform games or anything else. MS has shown that they are paying developers to develop on the 360 first. Their shady tactics have already been shown and the faulty 360 design, even 3 years later is still apparent.

Of course MS knew of the faults, but in their eagerness to unseat Sony they have big holes in their approach. Selling base model 360's for 200 dollars with no features whatsoever, even trying to undercut the Wii. When value-minded people learn about the value in each PS3, it will win out. Cutting money can only win people for so long. Once the PS3 drops in price, the PS2 gamers will jump on board and will realize the sheer value of the PS3 as compared to a comparatively equipped 360. Sure the base 360 is cheaper, but for the complete modern gaming experience, the PS3 is the better bargain. Hell, every PS3 has built in Wi-Fi, something no 360 has yet MS charges 100 dollars for their proprietary Wi-Fi adapter. All features compared side by side, the PS3 is the better bargain. Hell, the PS3 even has built in HD movie playback, a feature that the 360 completely lacks. Sure the 360 has Netflix, but since I don't have a 50mbps internet connection, I can't stream HD movies. The PS3 simply is the full HD experience and can be had for cheaper than a fully equipped 360.

negative3566d ago

Regardless it's still the best console.

TVC153566d ago

the ps3 is probably going to be superior to the 360 by the end of this gen, Microsoft just wanted market share.

Electricear3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

This they document three separate days of 10 xbox 360s with brand new game discs all on a measured level surface kept isolated from the gamers, and on all three occasions after 5 hours of play time at least 1 or more discs were scratched by the lens. I've read about people MOVING their consoles and causing this issue, but this was a stable concrete floor on level tables. That is unacceptable, and why do the Toshiba drives bought on their own come with disc bumpers, but the ones in the 360 don't? I see an attempt at a cost saving measure that is costing we the consumers currently, and ultimately it will cost Microsoft.

Pennywise3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


You need to edit your name with comments like that.

I propose you: Move the L after the U, add a L, Drop the E and the R and your name will be in line with your comment.

Tarasque3565d ago

well i think the main point is approving the exact same crap every other day, this is the 3rd article this past week of the exact same thing.

dude_uk3565d ago

i see what you did there...
have a bubble

morganfell3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

@1.4, it is the customer that is paying for it, not MS.

And just look at those tests they ran. More than 10% had scratched disks in the tests.

Pennywise3565d ago

dude_uk, have one back! I got a kick out of it... I was hoping someone else would be able to tell ;)

SL1M DADDY3565d ago

Remember what you say here today the next time you read a story that:

1) Claims Blu-Ray dead
2) Says the PS3 has no games
3) Claims PS3 sold less than Xbox 360 and thus is doomed
4) Bashes Sony for pointing out faults in their competitors hardware

You know, the usual Sony bashing articles.

FrankenLife3565d ago

This isn't the result of rushing the console out. This is the result of cost cutting. They pointed out that the scratching happens because of not guard on the lens. That guard costs money. With all the money lost on the production of the first xbox, they wanted to make this one as cheap to produce as possible.

SaiyanFury3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Sorry, double post.

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Kleptic3567d ago

nothing new here...this was all known about 1 month after shat really hit the fan in mid 2007...MS knew their box was a pile in terms of build quality...they knew it would be the end consumer that would ultimately suffer the most...but they also knew that being first to the market would hurt Sony the most...

its clear what had the highest priority...the only thing that could be said about it is that its very interesting that MS has garnered such a fanatical army behind their Xbox division...not just in buyers...but across multiple media outlets...

i've said it for almost 2 years...I watched my 12 year old cousin go through 2 360's in just 3 a launch system Thanksgiving 2005; and we both watched it slice every disc he put in it since he opened the box...returned it...and the 'new' box RROD'd after 6 hours of SP CoD 2...he is currently on his 3rd, which has lasted since then...its sad to think that he is 'lucky' that this third system has worked for 3 years now...

if I didn't witness these issues first that degree...I would probably own a 360...I can't say that I'm upset that I don' playing every big release for it wasn't enough to get me to buy one even if the system was flawless (the pay for XBL thing simply isn't worth it for me...thats my opinion...don't argue with me about it)...thats not fanboy loyalties...thats not anything other than the fact that I personally can't justify the value in the Xbox each their own...

CyberCam3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I'm in the same boat as you my friend...

I waited to purchase my next-gen system, I wanted to compare the 3 consoles before making a purchase.

I have a friend that has all 3 consoles & in Christmas of 2006 he brought his Wii over and we (my wife, 2 girls (12 & 6) & I) love it, Wii Sports was fun as hell.

Then, in Feb. of 2007 my friend went on vacation for 2 weeks and lent me his 360. As soon I plugged it in, it RROD on me... and I was so hyped to play R6V & GeOW. It's unfortunate, but that really put me off of the 360. A piece of hardware that's only 15 months old, have issues so soon?

Then in August of 2007 I borrowed his PS3 & played GRAW2 & R6V, I even watched a couple of blu-ray movies. I really enjoyed the experience I had with it. I ended up buying my PS3 2 days after giving his back. I purchased the Wii for the kids in Oct. 2007 for Christmas of 2007.

Although I don't dogg the 360, I too can't see the value in purchasing a 360 for me & my family. I'm also personally against having to pay extra to play my already purchased games online. That's just my story.

P.S. I would love to play the GeOW series & tryout Fable II as well, unfortunately I will have to miss the experience for now. The sad thing is, I would have bought the 360 if I didn't see the RROD problem 1st hand, it was when I researched the problem online & found out the extend of the problem, I wrote the console off but not the games.

cpt_kaos3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Yeah have to agree with there only ambition was to hurt sony by being first out of the gate.

They have probally hurt themselves more in the longer term as after 4 dead 360's of my own I feel confident in saying a few more people out there feel like me and wont be so eager to purchase there next machine when it launches.

Microsoft have alot of sucking up to do to regain what little trust and respect if any with there next attempt unless of course shareholders say enough is enough and pull the plug on there console side of buisness.

If they do get a new machine out and its a repeat of this fiasco the 360 has been then microsoft will be done for in the console market.

once bitten twice shy.

Johnny Rotten3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I bought my first Xbox the day it came out only to have the graphics card fry on me a month later :(
the start-up menu would freeze and turn to red legos.

PainisCupcake3567d ago

Theres no such word as Legos! It's Lego! That really gets on my tits lol

DRUDOG3567d ago

Sorry...did somebody say something about tits? Where?

Liquid_Ocelot3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

hahahahahahahahaha omg quote of the day^^^ xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"...the start-up menu would freeze and turn to red legos."-Johnny Rotten

"Theres no such word as Legos! It's Lego! That really gets on my tits lol"-CaptIndecisive

"Sorry...did somebody say something about tits? Where?"-DRUDOG

gotta love random shi+ xD

Unicron3567d ago

This is a duplicate story. And frankly, I don't think it will convince fanboys anyways. But regardless, consumers should NEVER have to deal with such actions on part of the manufacturer. It's just BS.

hadouken0073567d ago

idoit's keep buyin them i'd sell it to them to,see a fool use a fool.