Gamespot: Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic CES 2009 Updated Impressions

Gamespot's last look at Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic came at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show and consisted of little more than standing in an extremely long line, eventually making their way to a PS3, playing a match or two while a pretty Japanese hostess explained to them in a language they couldn't understand what was happening on screen. It wasn't the easiest way to figure out the game but, nonetheless, they came away charmed by this remake of Mark Healey's 2005 game before the developer left Lionhead studios to form Media Molecule (the folks behind LittleBigPlanet). Today, at the Sony booth on the show floor of CES 2009, Gamespot got a chance to see Fists of Plastic again and they're happy to report the game still has the wacky charm they first noticed back in Tokyo.

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wil4hire4194d ago

I think Infamous might be one of the shorter coming titles though, I dont know. Need to see some more variation right?

2008 was my favorite year of gaming since MGS on the ps2, and 2009 could top it if GT5 shows up. But I'm really shocked at how much gaming news/content sony is pushing out and have continually been doing so since around Ratchet/Uncharted.

I dont think at this point, anyone can argue that Sony isn't taking care of PS3 owners.

What do u guys think?

I remember when this thing was a lil game on uhm, Valve's steam! Or at least a precursor. Reminds me of parappa.

Dom63904194d ago

Sony are defiantly trying to pump out quality games which I appreciate but I just wander if they are trying to hard and not putting long enough into development. I base this on Resistance 2 which I think needed an other couple of months, what does every one else? granted GT5 has been in development for 2 long haha
This PSN game looks a great party title and will provide hours of fun (i hope)

Johnny Rotten4194d ago

whats interesting is that Sony pushed thier line-up of games HARD at the CES. Lets hope they can do the same for the rest of the conventions.

OGharryjoysticks4194d ago

This is the only 2D fighter you need :)