Tech-Gaming: Crash Commando Review

Tech-Gaming: "The four levels included within the game are both distinctive and large enough to delay 'map fatigue' from setting in too quickly. We appreciated the ability to adjust the level of camera zoom via the game's menu system, although we were saddened to see the game's typical speedy framerate occasionally plummet for a fraction of a second. Having gameplay on two planes was an inspired bit of genius; instead of skirmishes spread out across an expansive map, players can quickly identity where the key battles are taking place.

While Crash Commando offers a gratifying experience, we can't help but think the game could have offered a bit more innovation. We would have liked to see a greater risk/reward element added to the game. For players with just a speck of health, a suicide button that could injure or kill nearby foes could have offered a mischievous tactic. We would have like to see an option to trade a bit a health for say, acid blood."

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