Guerilla talks about Killzone sequels

Dutch website PS3life reports: Thev Dutch gaming program Gamekings had the honor to talk with Guerilla about Killzone 2. One of the things they discussed was the future of the Killzone franchise.

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Sony PlayStation 33567d ago

As long as Sony advertises KillZone 2 properly it should sell incredibly well. If KillZone 2 does indeed sell well I think a sequel is warranted. Knowing GG KillZone 3 would probably raise the bar on KillZone 2!

Kingsora3567d ago

Although I have the feeling that this game has so much hype, that a sales flop would be impossible ^^

Kleptic3567d ago

yeah its impossible for a sales may not move a ton more PS3's right now because of the current PS3 price...which leaves the biggest question in regard to a price cut around the release of the game...

but the game will sell incredibly well into the arleady established base of PS3s...nearly 20 million PS3's worldwide right now...I have little doubt that killzone 2 won't top 5 million before summer...

lord_of_balrogs3567d ago

In all fairness SO4 and Halo Wars won't take away from KZ2 because they are all part of different genres. KZ2's only real competition in sales for software on the PS3 is F.E.A.R. 2.

fishd3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Do you guys know that Mart is Dutch?!!!!
*Read in Al pacino's voice*

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Shmapanese3567d ago

i would love a sequel as well-

the killzone universe is HUGE and comes with depth in story and role of characters.

if they continue with a sequel though-i would hope they dont take as long as killzone 2 now that they are familiar with the ps3's machanics and possibilities along with their own creative and CGI quality gameplay.
hold me to this____ KILLZONE 2 will be one of tho's games that will forever be remembered and used to compare for future games and projects from other devs out there.
i just hope GG helps other 1st party devs with the knolage of the ps3 and its magnificent capabilities.
every exclusive should looke and live upo to killzone 2 from here on.

ima go play killzone 1 and liberation now-PEACE!

Kleptic3567d ago

they are already helping other devs...Santa Monica studios are using Killzone 2's lighting and mo-cap assets for GoW III...and Uncharted is borrowing some more of the perfected high res texture streaming apparently...

the latter of which was started by naughty dog, and GG took that further...its all shared proprietary middleware...its all part of the EDGE dev kit that SCE has been having their entire empire working on internally...of which EA has been commenting on that it immensely helps with PS3 development (its free to licensed 3rd parties too)...which is arguably why we have seen quality of EA PS3 games sky rocket over 2008...

THC CELL3567d ago

killzone 3 next 2 years woop woop

Rock Bottom3567d ago

How about Killzone 2: something something..., save Killzone 3 for next gen.

Graphics Whore3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Killzone has a pretty amazing back story, it most likely doesn't shine through in the games but if anyone is interested they can find the story line on GG's official

By the way, the Helghast are NOT aliens as many people they presume to be, if you want to know more you're just gonna have to read.

Forum Version:

Official Flash Version:


I don't know if the Helghast are more intelligent but they're much more adept to their environment and genetic modifications make them more brute force however their space ship cavalry is really really lacking compared to the ISA.

Kleptic3567d ago

yeah the timeline on where the killzone games fall in the killzone universe is extremely interesting...and killzone 2 is just one of 3 parts of the conflict, where as Killzone 1 was another...there is a lot of untouched fiction left in the story of the games...plenty of room for full titles and other spin-offs...although killzone 2 is supposed to be a pretty big finale between Vekta and Helghan, at least in terms of the hitler like Visari running the show...

aiphanes3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

They were the first settlers on the first planets in the alpha centuri system...helghan and vekta are in the alpha centauri system.
A lot of people died trying to get the this system...but in the end it paid off...until earth wanted more control..

They could make a killzone movie and it would be awesome...

Nathaniel_Drake3567d ago

Amazing story, the Helghan were people from Earth but got to powerful by being the first to successfully colonize, the others died in a sun flare

Too much power was put into the Helghan's hands and they felt superior which is the point to where this all started

I felt mad that the Helghan's did this and tried to take over the UCN, but how the UCN treated the innocent Helghan, wanting to live in peace by taxing them and putting them on a planet with no medical or finacial support, makes you hate the UCN

The story gets very interesting when Helghan becomes Helghast with a ruler like Visari wanting revenge against UCN, but his thinking of doing the same thing UCN did to them to do to innocent Earth inhabitants makes you go against the Helghast

Then the ISA now caught in the middle of it thinking they are going to be blamed for the UCN's faults of Helghast treatment now have disbanded if I read right

So many sides to take, which side to choose ISA or Helghast, the story just makes it so much exciting to play the game, it makes the wait so much harder

Graphics Whore3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Reading the storyline really put it in perspective, I hope they put emphasis on the story because it really is something.

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Cure3567d ago

wrap sh/t and put killzone 3 on it and id be the first to buy it. That is how amazing and talented these people are.

we are roughly 1.5 months away from owning the best looking console game ever created!. and i know once i play it ill say best FPS aswell.

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