Baldur's Gate 3 Review - Jump Dash Roll

Baldurs Gate 3 has been anticipated for decades - now that it's here, does it hit the standard we all hoped for? JDR gathers its party for today's review.

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anast207d ago

If this is an 8 which is fair, then imagine all the games that got a 4-6 from this reviewer.

ED202206d ago

thank god steam let me refund this. i finally gave in for the hype and bought the game. after 108min(120min is the limit for refunding) i uninstalled and returned my money. This game is incredible niche only and it isnt for me. i dunno about DnD but first of all the setting is super generic; oh heres the orc, the high elf, vampyr, dragon, goblin etc all these fantasy characters we seen hundreds of times. Turn based combat is not for strategy masterminds, its just boring. Oh have fun looking how 6 demons dash acrros the screen each after another turn based. It doesnt feel exiting. Also the characters felt goofy, the vampyr just staring thru cutscenes un naturally like its mass effect andromeda with lifeless face. i bet there isnt that much of content. you just stare the same screens for good ammount of time, playing chess with the demons and whatnot. its certainly not fast moving.

i dont argue its not the best DnD game ever made but its niche and theres nothing special for the rest of us who dont play such games. Im all in for rpg single and online but this is a whole new world and i just dont get exited by the world, lore or mechanics. maybe i give it another change when its on sale 14.99 or something. I perfectly understand and praise elden ring as goty 2022 but this one i protest.


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