pureSilicon introduces world's first 1TB 2.5-inch SSD

Pretec may have laid claim to the title of world's fastest SATA SSD, but it looks like pureSilicon has a feather of its own to put in its cap, with it announcing what appears to be the world's first 1TB 2.5-inch SSD drive. You may want to think twice about holding out for one of these in your next laptop, however, as pureSilicon is apparently specifically pitching it as a more energy-efficient solution for servers, datacenters, and supercomputers, with four of the drives able to deliver 4TB in the same space as a standard 3.5-inch hard drive. According to pureSilicon's own benchmarks, the drives "approach" the maximum SATA II transfer speed of 300MB/s and, if 1TB is a bit excessive for your needs, the company also has drives ranging from 32GB to 512GB in its Nitro series. No word on price, naturally, but the drives will apparently be available sometime in the third quarter of this year.

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aiphanes3568d ago

This would fit into a PS3....

How did SSD get bigger than the 2.5 inch hard drives so fast?

Quickstrike3568d ago

I've been waiting for news like this. 1TB PS3 is a reality now.

UNCyrus3568d ago

straight up gangsta....

Raptors3568d ago

What the heck do you guys do with so much space in your ps3??? I have a 40 gig and I'm gonna upgrade it soon but I'm pretty much upgrading since hard drives are so cheap now. So....what are you guys doing with so much space? :)

skyfire22613568d ago

Why games of course! So many on PS3 so we gotta put them somewhere lol.

I have the 60GB model and with about 15 PSN and 27 Disc games...yeah, it all adds up quick.

GVON3568d ago

these badboys will really work in ps3?
hope sony allow data transfer from 3-4 because i would hate to download all that content again to ps4.

Rofflecopter3568d ago

I have a program that rips all my DVD's. I put all my tv shows (that 70's show, all seasons) and movies onto my playstation. alternatively, you could do the same with an external, or by simply downloading Java PS3 Media center. I like having everything right on there though. Eventually, i should be able to rip my blu-rays onto my playstation as well, but with the fat32 format, no file can be greater than 4gb, so ill most likely need to split blu files.

FarEastOrient3568d ago

This is going into my PS3, I only have 13 gb left free out of a 200gb HHD.

SaiyanFury3568d ago

I know that this looks very attractive as a PS3 HDD upgrade but remember how expensive SSD drives are. A 250GB SSD commonly costs more than 600 dollars. A 1TB? I'd bank on it costing maybe 2500 dollars.

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acertainkid1023568d ago

Imagine how much this would cost. You would have to pay an arm, limb, and your firstborn baby for one of these.

Rofflecopter3568d ago

true. but its so cool! ill pre-name it david, and ill pre-give it away too. woohoo 1tb!

BrianC62343568d ago

My only question about this thing is how much will it cost? I assume it will cost more than a decent computer. SSD drives are still really expensive so I can't see this being under $2,000 unless they found some new cheap way to make them.

dboyxz3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Default Hard Drive for the PS4 :D

Only if the price is right though :(

Karum3568d ago

This thing will be retardedly expensive lol

S1CKLY3568d ago

Owning one will be like owning a hummer.. or a 60" LCD TV.. it screams "I have a tiny c#&k.. but I have a 1TB SSD".

madjedi3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

@5.1 a 60 inch lcd tv, is this a piss poor attempt at a joke, if you can afford one and you want one, how is it over compensation.

If you said a 72-100 inch hdtv i could have understood, but a 60 inch, if my tv died and samsung offered a 60 inch of the same model.
As a replacement instead of a 40 inch, i sure as hell wouldn't say i'll wait for another 40 inch.

Other than the price being an issue a 1 tb ssd would be useful

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