Fighting Game Coreupt Reveals RPG and Dragonov in Spectacular Action

Today the developer of the upcoming indie fighting game Coreupt release d a new trailer showing more playable fighters in action.

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Coreupt Reveals Wolf, Vector, and Revolver in Stylish Fighting Game Action

The developer of the indie fighting game Coreupt released another trailer, introducing three characters, Wolf, Vector, and Revolver

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Fighting Game Coreupt Shows its Characters in New Trailer as Demo Is Coming Soon

Today the developer of the upcoming fighting game Coreupt released brand-new trailer focusing on the playable fighters.

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darklaw229d ago

The yellow hit flash is terrible, looks cheap and boring.


Next-Gen Fighting Game Coreupt & Development Team Acquired by TLM Partners

TLM Partners announced that it has acquired the next-gen fighting game Coreupt, alongside its development team.

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Terry_B775d ago

Why do you call it a nextgen fighting game when there is no new generation of hardware/ console on the horizon even? +..it looks not as good as even the most lastgen fighting games.

Abriael775d ago

because that's how they call it

Terry_B775d ago

..so you call something next gen because the devs call it nextgen even if it is not a nextgen game at all. Great journalism XD

Abriael774d ago

@Terry_B: you take two words way too seriously.