'Risky' Take-Two could struggle to make profits, warns analyst

Grand Theft Auto IV may only enjoy modest sales when its launched later this year, due to competition from another highly anticipated gaming franchise, Halo 3.

Analyst Michael Pachter sees a more loyal following for the Bungie sci-fi shooter than Rockstar's urban crime sim, while a small installed base of next-gen console owners and increased competition from the Nintendo Wii will also hamper sales.

The analyst detailed a significant number of warnings over the future of publisher Take-Two, including concern about profitability, the performance of the rest of its gaming portfolio and the possible loss of key creative staff.

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specialguest4444d ago

These two franchise are not in the same cateogory and are not in direct competition.

Jay da 2KBalla4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

The game that will suffer in sales due to competition from Halo3 will be Killzone(that is if its even coming out this year). I'll be picking up both GTA4 and Halo3 day one.

shotty4444d ago

Killzone...not really its a playstation title. If it was coming out on xbox 360 then ya for sure it would suffer but its not. I really think microsoft should push Halo 3 to atleast the middle of november so other developers can ship their games in october and early november without the hype of halo 3 bogging down other game sales.
GTA 4 will have that Jack character trying to shut down rockstar, so they get free publicity from that and Halo 3 will have microsofts PR and viral ads working for them but the smaller developers with not so big wallets are basically screwed. The average games would buy 1, maybe 2 games in a 2 month span, and GTA 4 and Halo 3 are 100% must pick-ups.

wolfgang4444d ago

That Jack character, that would be Jack Thompson. Also he might have something better to do then fight video games (well I hope he might), because the Florida Bar filed disbarment proceedings against Thompson over allegations of professional misconduct.

TheExecutive4444d ago

Well I don't think that we have to worry about Killzone 2 this year. Just my guess but I seriously give it a 10% chance of coming out this year.

techie4444d ago

What a stupid article! GTA sales dwarf Halo sales. And Gta is on multiple platforms so expect it to do well.

MikeGdaGod4444d ago

gt4 is on both consoles, no way it won't sell. if anything it might bring more sells of ps3 consoles for those that are waiting for a big game excuse to buy it

Black Republican4444d ago

this will only affect killzone for ppl who have both 360 and ps3 consoles, which i dont think are too much, and if they do im almost sure they would rather buy halo it came down to only have a choice

and this does affect the sales of gta for 360 console because if some ppl are low on flow or can only get1 game they will more then likely choose halo

THAMMER14444d ago

GTA 4 and Halo 3 will both be in my 360 and many other gamers just like me too.

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The story is too old to be commented.