Signs of an Xbox 360 price-drop spotted

An eagled-eyed reader sent information that the 360 was being sold for a knock-down price - Premium consoles were being advertised at Core prices.

Makro is advertising Premium Xbox 360 packs for only £199 - the previous price of Core machines, which come without the hard-drive/wireless pad.

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thrillhouseuk4261d ago

I'm afraid that's a bogus story, Makro are a whole salers and therefore don't advertise with VAT included. You'd have to add 17.5% to that price.

I signed up just to correct this, what a hero.

shotty4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Heres whats happening, they are offloading stock to make way for a new revision (maybe a colour, zypher, or maybe its just a company wide sale like with amazons $100 xbox 360 cores during christmas). You know kinda like how all ipods magically go on sale right before steve jobs introduces a new ipod with a brighter screen or bigger harddrive.

Most likely its to make way for a new bundle, like a gears of war bundle or a forza 2 bundle. Makes sense right? black xbox 360 + gears of war.

Caxtus7504261d ago

he just explained it :S

joemutt4261d ago

Its an M rated game, a kid wanting to buy a 360 cant because it comes bundled with a game he cant purchase.

Has an M rated game ever been bundled with a console? I dont know but wouldnt count on it. Forza 2 would be more like it.

Black Republican4261d ago

this wont happen yet, maybe later on
when and if the new xbox is released
if not releases still later on

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