Could PlayStation 4 Support 3D HDTVs -- And Should It?

Kombo Writes: "The big fuss at CES this year is 3D HDTV technology. By wearing 3D glasses -- yes, like these -- while watching special 3D HDTVs, viewers experience a 3D pop-out effect. At Sony's booth, it's even running PlayStation 3 software, like MotorStorm and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, in 3D. At this point, it's all just for show."

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TheMART3567d ago

Yes, like Sony promissed the PS3 would have 2 x HDMI output for 2 different TV's with 2 different channels in both 1080p. Where have those gone?

y0haN3567d ago

Those have gone from the idea pot because 599$ was already a lot of money to pay for a console. Where was the Xbox 360's HDMI originally?

TheMART3567d ago

There is a difference:

Microsoft never promised HDMI from the start.

Sony overpromised about having 2 x HDMI dual output with different signals both in 1080p. Even on all games 1080p in 4D with 120fps.

Now there's the difference.

GIJeff3567d ago

"it will be capable of" never "all games will be". And at the time, with the prototype they were using, it was capable of dual HDMI. However, the user that said 599 is enough to pay is right. That's why there is "only" 1 HDMI port, and also why there is not 4 LAN ports. And the system is capable of 1080p @ 120FPS, with "4d". However, tvs have only recently added 120hz capabilities 2 years after the launch of the ps3. The prototype ps3 was being designed for a future that took too long to happen, so they were able to cut back on a couple of components.

koston36473567d ago

yeah i know how badly you wanted that what with all your 1080p HDTV that are just lying around your house

thereapersson3567d ago

If Sony can pull it off through a firmware update, then by all means they should have the option.

MattyF3566d ago

I think it would be interesting to see it happen. It may be niche, but it would be something worth seeing at least once.

Parappa083566d ago

exactly, i hope if they do it it wont become a gimmick like nintendo's consoles

XXXRATED3566d ago

Is this site stupid or what this was demo'ed back when ps3 came out on ridge racer and has been told this will happen on ps3 was supposed to be redy end of 2008 but I think sony is trying to make it cheap for us but we will see it in 2009 for sure bet on it.