The Day Before – What Went Wrong?

Just days after launching The Day Before, Fntastic has announced its closure. Here's what this means for the game's future.

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mastershredder123d ago

Uh... they were clearly all in on making a MP-mainstream-profit-machine with highly questionale backing and a path to nowhere. What could'nt go wrong?


The Day Before Was Much More Catastrophic Than We Feared

Fntastic's The Day Before was a giant, catastrophic mess. They treated their employees unfairly, scammed, and kept devs out of the loop.

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Andrew33671d ago (Edited 71d ago )

What's catastrophic is loading that website on mobile.

71d ago
isarai71d ago

"feared" it was a joke from day 1, I was laughing not in "fear"


YouTuber Spent $1,500 And Created The Day Before Parody That Looks Better Than The Original

YouTuber Crimson has created a parody trailer of the defunct zombie survival game The Day Before. More proof of what a joke The Day Before was.

81d ago
XiNatsuDragnel80d ago

Looks better too which is even more wild

Profchaos80d ago

Can't recreate perfection it seems.

Basically more credit to the theory this was a massive asset flip and a crash grab scam


The Day Before Dev Says Game Suffered From 'Hate Campaign' in Bizarre Statement

Fntastic, the allegedly shut down developer of The Day Before, has claimed its controversial and catastrophic game suffered from a hate campaign in a bizarre statement published online.

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phoenixwing83d ago

lol of course you're a victim and not the ones deserving of the hate. nevermind you sell a completely busted incomplete game for a quick turn around. you're just helpless scammers and shouldn't be held accountable right? give me a break.

TallDarknWavy83d ago

They're so clueless they put a random guy's face on their front cover when absolutely no one knew who it was, no character was established. It's not like putting the face of Ellie from LOU2 or someone on the cover when the character is established and known, they just put a random face on it as if we're all supposed to know who it is.

This is marketing 101 and they're clueless.

Vengeance113883d ago

If anything, the hate they got was understated and not near enough. They need to be so terrified of backlash that they never even attempt to produce another game again.

KwietStorm_BLM83d ago

Even after being delisted, this stain somehow still won't go away. Spot remover, bleach, "hate campaign" .. nothing.

-Foxtrot83d ago

Let me guess…next you’ll say you got death threats

Not saying it doesn’t happen but it’s usually an easy PR way of turning people against one another while they deflect any criticism thrown their way

JEECE83d ago

Bingo. It's nice that someone else sees the obvious pattern in these scenarios.

phoenixwing83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

everyone gets a death threat at least once in their lives while online it's just the nature of it. that doesn't change the fact they basically scammed people.

dumahim83d ago

I haven't. I feel left out. Just like when getting passed over for kickball in elementary school.

Crows9083d ago (Edited 83d ago )


Hope something bad happens to you!

There ya go...

Hope it doesn't btw. That's also the level of "death threats" many times.

OtterX83d ago

@dumahim keep trying man, I know you can do it. I hope you get that death threat soon! Not from me though, not my style.

TheColbertinator83d ago


Stand up for something. Good or bad doesn't matter and watch the letter bombs hit your mailbox.

FinalFantasyFanatic83d ago (Edited 83d ago )


Completely surprised you haven't had one, you just need to be online, and exist, that's often enough, it'll happen sooner or later.

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Crows9083d ago

I'm sorry. It's 2024. If you are a public figure or anything/anyone that's puts themselves out there in the internet....youre going to get "death threats", "hate", etc.

You may also get gratefulness, praise and kindness.

They go together but we only ever announce and focus the negative so while it may appear that the negative is greater....that's usually not the real data.

But this game was a scam....so yeah...

spicelicka83d ago

Yeah I always raise an eyebrow whenever a developer makes an announcement condemning death threats. It's the freakin internet, you're always going to get all kinds of messages and reactions. There could be bots automatically sending death threats just to stir shit up, you could literally send a threat to yourself anonymously. If it feels like a real threat then internet sympathy and discourse isn't going to resolve it, report it to the authorities and let them handle it. Always seems like an easy way to garner sympathy and make PR moves.

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cammers199583d ago

No one cares. Go away. Your game was fraud. Now you're playing victim. Go cry somewhere else.