Kojima’s OD features a “social scream system” for Xbox, patent claims

Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios forthcoming game OD files some strange patents, echoing Death Stranding's own strand system on PS5.

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H9131d ago

Time for the memes let's go

Cacabunga131d ago

Crying would be the most used

131d ago
jdoe131d ago

No both the headline and the article are totally false. There is no file for a "patent" just the trademark, which the article hosts hyperlinks to but seems to deliberately misquote.

YourMommySpoils131d ago

That makes sense. Kojima definitely knows what gamers are in Xbox. XD

obidanshinobi131d ago

More pretentious guff from Hideous Kojima.
Can't wait.

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‘It’s been really painful’: Ex-Lionhead devs explain why they’ve announced, and shelved, a new game

An independent UK developer says it’s been forced to announce and postpone its game on the same day, and lay off more than half of its staff, due to the sharp downturn in investment in the games industry.

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Atari Is Reviving The 'Infogrames' Publishing Label

The armadillo returns.

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Aphrodia2h ago

I personally do remember Infogrames in the years prior to merger. They really did have a portfolio that stuck out and I enjoyed. I wonder what value they see in reviving it now though?

Hofstaderman1h ago

Ah...the nostalgia...V-Rally, Hogs of War 2, Driver.

TheColbertinator3m ago

The good old days of Driver and Stuntman. Unfortunately both games are long gone.


Embracer Group Re-organizing Into 3 Separate Companies

Hopefully this gets Embracer group back on track

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TheColbertinator1d 1h ago

Embracer really destroyed itself faster than I ever expected.

Hedstrom10h ago

Yea! But thats what happens when you have 2,2 billion dollar in debt and the interest rise from 0,5% to 5% in a year