SuperSpeed USB 3.0 in action

Engadget dropped by to get a look at Symwave's SuperSpeed promised USB 3.0 setup, and got a real earful on the technology and its potential. Due to start shipping in devices near the end of the year, Symwave's chipset will hold up the device-end of the transaction, communicating with SATA for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. Since the host end of USB 3.0's plug is fully compatible with USB 2.0 (and 1.0, as it turns out), they expect folks to start buying future-proof USB 3.0 hard drives and wait for computer manufacturers to build it in -- or just grab a PCIe card if they're really enthusiastic. With around 10 times the headroom -- about 500MB a second -- of USB 2.0, the real bottleneck now is hard drive speeds. In the test Engadget saw, the drive averaged around 78MB per second, and can easily see SSD and RAID scenarios exploring this transfer speed. Their prototype setup to accomplish this was sprawling and a little bit ghetto, but by the time this is shipping in devices the chip will be shrunk down to about the size of a stamp. Action video is after the break.

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Graphics Whore3569d ago

Thanks Lord Anubis for some real live news.

This is candid action of evolution lol.

Freakwave0033569d ago

500MB a second!

Damn, makes it faster so I can watch porn...

JonahFalcon3569d ago

Now that's hawt.

(Um, the USB 3.0, not the pr0n.)

ChickeyCantor3569d ago

isn't firewire around that rate?

JonahFalcon3569d ago

USB 3.0 is for widespread consumer use.

Lord Anubis3569d ago

USB3 is not finished. they plan to get beyond 3 Gigabit

FantasyStar3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

It's a good thing that Intel, AMD, and Nvidia were able to work out their differences. Can't imagine the corporate politics risking the most widespread standard to ever grace computer-based electronics because Intel decided to be a little punk for a short time.