The clever Windows 7 features Microsoft hasn't shown you

TechRadar writes:

"We were given a sneaky in-depth demo of Windows 7 by Microsoft today, going far behind the features trotted out by that funny-looking woman with overly-tonged hair during Steve Ballmer's keynote. Of course, you'll hopefully be able to download the beta for yourself. So here's our blow-by-blow guide of the features inside Windows 7 courtesy of Program Manager Nancy Phan."

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Tsalagi3571d ago

It's getting time for me to buy a new PC. I'm trying to hold out until Windows 7 is out after seeing the crap my aunt has went through with Vista. Hopefully 7 fixes those problems.

Bnet3433571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

When Windows 7 comes out, I'll probably shell out cash for a new PC equipped with it. It's shaping up to be a great OS from the things I heard. We'll see.

WhittO3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

maybe im just not a 'hardcore user' or whatever, but i have vista and i hardly have any problems with it at all.

It was just weird getting used to some things different to XP and having to get stuff compatable with Vista, which most stuff is now.

Maybe when Vista first launched it had problems, but things like graphics card drivers etc are not all MS fault as it was companies like Nvidia which held back until releasing compatable drivers, in the hopes of increasing sales for their new graphics cards.

However, i think its totally unaccetable to release Windows 7 so soon, when really, its more like a service pack anyway by the looks of things, do we really need a whole new operating system for these changes, cant MS implement them into Vista!?!?

Proxy3571d ago

If your "hardcore" you know what your doing, and it should be even less trouble than for casual users.

Windows 7 will still have the same problems:

"Oh noes, my unsupported, outdated, and not programed to MS specifications program doesn't work with Windows 7"
"Oh noes, Windows 7 doesn't support my obscure hardware that has had a driver update since 1999."
"Oh noes, Windows 7 is using my RAM!"

The vast majority of Vista "problems" are 2nd hand and vague. Things like "My aunt had 'problems'." For all we know she was using 256mb ram.

drewdrakes3571d ago

Congratulations. But yes, it is not Microsoft's fault. If retarded people werent trying to run Vista on Windows 3.1 compliant computers, they wouldnt have issues either. Buy a new computer with it installed, youre perfect. Its the people that bought it to upgrade their old computers while having zero knowledge of this special thing called RAM. CPU is also a nice acronym to which the meaning is unclear.

sit down droid3571d ago

"Oh noes, my unsupported, outdated, and not programed to MS specifications program doesn't work with Windows 7"
"Oh noes, Windows 7 doesn't support my obscure hardware that has had a driver update since 1999."
"Oh noes, Windows 7 is using my RAM!"
i lol'd

very true indeed. sounds like fanboy talk to me.

jack who3571d ago

it makes everything soooo much faster *am using the beta:D*

Proxy3571d ago

Does anyone know of any solid data that indicates Windows 7 is faster? I have seen opinions, but no unbiased lab tests like benchmarks and such.

evrfighter3571d ago

there were tests run on zdnet and the tester showed it ran faster than vista and xp. However when his tests were ran he was still under NDA. so his scoring method is not conventional.

I'm using the windows 7 beta also and don't have any complaints about it. I did manage to check memory resources. with vista ultimate aero enabled my pc was using between 700-800mb of physical ram. on the desktop

I'm using 7 with aero enabled and it's only using between 400-500 of physical memory at idle.

TheIneffableBob3571d ago

Through first-hand experience, I can confirm that Win7 is faster than Vista in Source-based games. At the same settings in the same situations, Windows 7 beat Vista by up to 15 frames per second. That gap will widen as drivers continue to mature.

Proxy3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

What drivers do you have for Windows 7 that are not available for Vista?

I'm still seeing nothing but subjective isolated opinions.

Also, about the RAM difference. Do we know for sure that Windows 7 is actually uses less resources, or is it just more aggressive in pushing things out of ram into the HDD cache?

For example, when I run a game that uses 80% of my 1 gig of ram, I find Vista uses only about 150 mb of ram simply because it's working overtime to move every last dispensable resources to the HDD cache. When I'm not running the game, Vista just uses the space it has available and could easily fill 800 mb out of 1 gig. On my 4 gig of ram desktop, Vista just lets it all hang out, sometimes filling 1.5 gigs of ram. Not a big deal though, once it's needed for something else Vista will clear out to make room for other things.

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andyo133571d ago

Don't forget to wait, as theres always bugs with new released software, specially with microsoft's OS so if you ask me i'd wait till the bugs are fixed, we thought vista was great until they released it and everyone had issues with it.