CES 2009: Rolling down the river with Sheva and Chris in Resident Evil 5

Destructoid: With Resident Evil 5 hitting shelves on March 13, we're getting into critical "give me this s**t now" territory. From our first detailed glimpse early in 2008 to the levels Hamza got his paws on in December, one thing is evident -- we want it, and we want it now.

At this point in the game, there's very little to say about Resident Evil 5 that you don't already know. It's gorgeous, and in most ways, feels almost exactly like Resident Evil 4. That alone should make it on your list of must-play games for 2009. But one thing that's particularly noticeable was the pacing of this particular level and some of the other areas we've played.

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cayal4203d ago

I didn't know this was coming out March 13.

Killzone 2 and RE5 in two week span. Dayum.