Multi-core processor set for next iPhone

It's only been a little over two months since Apple last updated the iPhone's firmware, so it is clearly time for a little internet speculation about the nature of the next version of the mobile OS X.

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Blasphemy4201d ago

Should the iPhone hardware also be upgraded to use the quad-core processor the speculation points to, it would then be by far the most powerful handheld device on the market.

As such, it would be a serious threat to not just other phones, but also to dedicated gaming platforms like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

This part made me laugh. LOL

xplosneer4201d ago

Should the iPhone hardware also be upgraded to use the quad-core processor the speculation points to, it would then be by far the most powerful handheld device on the market.

(Yeah, and with the weakest battery life too! Good luck fitting four cores with a reasonable size also)

Kamikaze1354201d ago

Yeah, man. Apple gets gaming support, but not nearly as much as the DS and PSP do. It's nice to have a few games on it, but it can't be considered a hardcore handheld. At least not yet, anyway. Maybe in the future, though.

gametheory4201d ago

Uh, it already has Metal Gear Touch as an exclusive. If that is not enough sign of the iPhone improving then what is? The thing is, the iPhone has more potential than both the PSP and the DS for all it can do, and it does have some pretty innovative games. Hell, the games are cheaper than DS and PSP games and some are just as good. The iPhone platform is only growing and it already has EA, Ubisoft, Square, Sega, Namco, and THQ if I don't forget others. Other notable titles the iphone has are:

Katamari damacy, De Blob, Spore, Star Wars the force unleashed, Sim City, Brother in Arms, among other games; hell it's also getting bioshock, is there a bioshock on DS or PSP? It also has innovative games from new developers such as Aurora Feint and 1112 among others. It's pretty practical to have an all in one device that doesn't even need cartridges or discs. I seriously hope the next PSP has all the features of the next iPhone and more, including the possibility of using it as a cell phone. I think Sony would have sold a lot more PSPs had it been capable of being a cell phone.

It only sucks that it has the same problems as next-gen consoles, making games dependent on patches. But that would eventually happen with all handhelds anyway. Another weakness it has is the fact that Apple doesn't make games for it, which would make the platform more serious, but then again there are tons of games available for it regardless of apple making games or not so at least First Party games aren't as important for cell phones as they are for consoles.

umair_s514201d ago

So the next iphone will be superior than the x360...haha

just kidding..

Tempist4200d ago

So let me get this all sorted out; The iPhone is the best iPod apple made, and people touted it as a great phone... yet now it's being marketed as a hand held console?

Why is the purpose of the iPhone being changed every six months? I'm beginning to think that the iPhone is very much confused and in a year the overall marketing for it will be failed.

Imho, it's one of the markets weakest and overly expensive gaming device. Putting a better processor in it just obscures the point of the device.

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Kamikaze1354201d ago

2 hour battery life.....ugh, why are they trying to make such a beast out of a phone?

GiantEnemyLobster4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

"Someone who lets their wallets get r*ped by Apple"

silverchode4201d ago

you must really like licking microsofts balls.

GiantEnemyLobster4201d ago

I only heard a "baa-ing" noise.

silverchode4200d ago

it must be the vibrator microsoft shoved up your ass.

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VMAN_014201d ago

I don't think I could ever play a game just using touch controls no matter how good looking the game is.

gametheory4201d ago

And then I got a DS and an iPhone. They rock. PSP rocks too.

thereapersson4201d ago

Actually, it doesn't control that great. You pit someone with a touch / tilt-only control method against someone with actual tactile buttons, such as the PSP or the DS, and I guarantee the touch / tilt controls will lose.

ugabugaz4201d ago

What the iPhone needs is a mini-cell.

Ju4201d ago

Nope, the PSP2 should, though.

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