Kojima's OD Trailer Has Letters Hidden Inside Actors' Mouths

Hidden letters have been found in the mouths of the actors featured in Hideo Kojima's upcoming new horror, OD.

Rynxie134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I don't like that pos Jordan Peele so, skip.

shinoff2183134d ago

Why. I thought alot of stuff he's been involved in turned out pretty good.

Shiro173133d ago

Most of he's movies if not all of em have been enjoyable. Don't know why he hating

Rocketisleague133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Rynxie historically is just super negative. Probably suffering from severe depression and bitter at the world

StalinSupremacy132d ago

'cos he's black.
watch key and peele; it still holds up a decade later

Melankolis134d ago

I'm already tired with this kind of marketing, just show me the game.

HomoLuden133d ago

The fun begins with the trailers !

ravens52133d ago

Is this the Xbox exclusive he's been working on? Or is this confirmed multiplat

Rockstar133d ago

Guess I'm holding on to my Xbox. I will need to play this one!

ravens52131d ago

This, Blade and Hellblade 2 have me thinkn of getting an xbox. Gotta wait till they're out but I'm intrigued. Also Indiana Jones.

Neonridr133d ago

it's exclusive, Sony gets Death Stranding 2 I believe.

shinoff2183133d ago

I'm interested to see how this game turns out. De as th stranding seems really interesting but I just didn't click with it. Gave it about 6 to 7 hours. Other then that Kojima hits the mark most of the time for me.

StalinSupremacy132d ago

of course it does; because kojima is a pretentious, overrated, 'auteur' asshole


Xbox and Playstation Keep Playing Russian Roulette, Except Kojima Is the Gun

The Nerd Stash: Kojima Productions as a whole is nothing without Hideo Kojima himself and the backing of either Xbox or PlayStation.

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Workshyskiver81d ago

Lets be honest Kojima is a Playstation man through and through and his effort on the MS project will be minimal, experimental and lip service at best. Once DS2 is complete he will focus almost all of his efforts on this new Stealth IP for Playstation, thinking anything else is just denial.

The3faces81d ago

Must be nice to be the official spokesperson for Kojima. Lucky you

VenomUK81d ago

What I noticed was that Kojima’s spiritual Metal Gear new IP having game and movie integration/overlap/continuati on (in some way) sounds very much like the vision he revealed at the Game Awards regarding his partnership with Xbox.

Some chump was recommending he sell his business to PlayStation - why would he do that? He has his own company, it’s making big money, he’s partnered with the biggest names to create his dream projects. Hideo Kojima is winning.

Laxus81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

So you think he's gonna intentionally blemish his reputation with a bad game... Because console wars? That's crazy.

I think O.D is a Spiritual Silent Hill and Physint is a spiritual Metal Gear.

Crows9081d ago

If OD is cloud based...I'm sorry but that's a stretch. The Xbox thing is probably a little project he's had in mind.

Laxus81d ago (Edited 81d ago )


*Involves Jordan Peele and several other big name celebrities*

Random N4G PS fanboy : "just a small little project"

derek81d ago

Yep, Microsofts move to pay Kojima for his canceled Google project was a desperate play for relevancy. Just like them paying Sega for Persona, a genre game xbox fans largely aren't interested in just to say that they have quirky Japanese games on their platform to, same with
square and it's Mana game. Of course Kojima will focus on the project that will get the most attention from from the gaming public and make the most money.

Michiel198980d ago

so how should they try and have japanese made games on their platform then? Also was sony just desperate then that they threw 3.6 billion at bungie just so they can say they have live service games or does it only work one way?

Xbox never had as many japanese games as Sony/Ninty but they always had a couple of (good) japanese games on their platform, nothing wrong with having a amazing game like Persona 5 on your platform, I don't see how you can even give such a bad take about having persona be available to more players, astonishing.

Lightning7781d ago

MS provides the tech and funds for the OD project and you think he'll just ignore that game? You really think MS would allow that? Every person that thinks straight knows that, that's not how it works. That N4G logic in on another world of nonsensical stupidity.

purple10181d ago

They didn’t actually say stealth
They said espionage.

This is better for me I don’t have the nerves for stealth but a James Bond esque game with a bit of puzzle solving/ detective work and minimal stealth, would be great!

81d ago
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1Victor81d ago

We all know Kojima likes his freedom and we know what console developers get the most freedom🤷🏿 only an orchard full of moldy brains would think otherwise.

neutralgamer199281d ago


i took that as him saying there will be no difference from gameplay to cutscenes. Equal amount game and movie. Something he wanted to achieve with MGS but with PS6 tech he will have that. I am sure sony will discuss PS6's specs with him so he can provide his feedback and know what he is working with


even he said his partnership with sony goes back 3 decades so yes i am sure he is a playstation guy through and through but i don't think he will short change xbox

phoenixwing81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Neutral you're not wrong. There is absolutely no reason for Kojima not to do his best with od its got his name associated with it. It's not like Kojima to half a$$ anything.