Black 360 still rumoured to be coming

Can you hear that rumour mill churning away again? Well it's getting pretty noisy, as more and more evidence piles up that suggests a new 360 is on the way, black-style, with a bigger HDD and an HDMI port.

Before reading the rest of this post, please be aware that nothing has been confirmed by a legitimate source at Microsoft, but there is a lot of evidence suggesting we may not be too far away from a black Xbox 360 hitting the shelves.

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Thump19674285d ago

If they do that they better give the ones that purchased the unit a chance to pay and upgrade to the new one.Or at least give us a chance to upgrade the HD

d4forever4285d ago

Apple does this kind of thing all the time, it keeps info on its upgraded systems under lock and key until the product is in the store. It helps to blow out old inventory, if it was confirmed all of that old inventory would sit on the shelf and never move, it's in their best intrest to keep turning their stock.

it sucks but we won't have confirmation on it until it is in stores.