Why GTA 6 Is Bigger Than The Entire Film Industry

Video Games are on track to becoming one of the biggest industries in the world, and the massive hype around the GTA 6 announcement proves it.

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just_looken192d ago

"massive hype"

That says it all no one should be pre ordering this game we know nothing have seen the leaked stuff but never a controller in hand gameplay.

But sadly the hype will make it fight the likes of pokemon/mario in sales no doubt break records and have a Netflix style month sub just like gta+ but for gta 6 why not have gta+ then gta++ the hype/blind boys will support it just like they are now.

Mr_cheese191d ago

Rockstar games (re-releases aside) have always had a high standard, they've just become fewer and far between.

We might not all agree with their aims with the online verse but they've more than earned their trust when it comes to a new release.

The hype will only get bigger and I'm here for it

just_looken181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Your so right i mean red dead 2 online its like a mobile game but per 2 per no support so amazing

That red 2 single player it has more player control than a lego manual

Then you got that grand theft online pay per month to get the most out of it.

I can not wait to spend $80 on ps plus a year $120 a year on gta +


DazaMc191d ago

But but but.. They might run out of downloads!!!/s

VincentVanBro191d ago

I've literally NEVER been burned on a new GTA release and i'm glad I played them all day 1

andy85191d ago

Rockstar games live up to the hype. Simple as that. They warrant every sale they get

DankSinatra187d ago

Man I see you everywhere bringing up GTA like it killed your family or something.

just_looken181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Well some of us were not born after gta 5

I used to enjoy gaming but now i see everyone jerking off to 0 gameplay paying over $200 for a experience my PlayStation 2-4 could offer me.

Gta+ online membership is fighting shark cards for the most money they are making each year

2k sports games are selling clothing/drinks with real world prices and winning people spend over a thousand dollars on a fake digital sprite every 10 months because the new game is out the old game lost its servers see wwe2k23

I am still just trying to remind people its not the 200-2010 era rockstar is pro microtransaction as everyone loves getting robbed and the person printing out the checks gets a bonus based on money made my microtransactions.


So sorry for trying to wake the sheep up


Forgot the 2022 leak that had files showing the map being cut up into expansion style packs like wow

DankSinatra180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

90% of the stuff you are bringing up have either nothing to do with GTA single player or have to do with completely separate companies. Anytime anyone brings up the fact they still released a game like RDR2 you immediately go from criticizing the companies to "well I didn't like that game" mentality and start attacking RDR2 with things that you obviously don't like about it ignoringthe fact that RDR2 falls in line with any previousgame they have developed that pokes holes in your argument. I can tell this has more to do with you vs Rockstar than you having an issue with corporate.

My guy if you buy video games in general then you apart of the sheep. You act as if companies care about you, hate to break it to you and introduce you to the real world but they care about money, not you.

Cool, leaks don't always mean that it will be in the game. Until this game releases, you're no different than the ones hyping it because you have nothing to go off of.

just_looken180d ago

Take 2 own's rockstar

There is no gta single player the new one is a GAAS

Go one jizz cream your pants about rdr2 i got it for free the online is mobile trash sp one way path mission design.

I only paid for boulders gate this year got d4 clank cod etc for free

DankSinatra180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

"Take 2 own's rockstar"

Cool, Rockstar has yet to have the issue of its single player game getting hit by anything and has always been a complete game upon release, so again you show only speculation

"There is no gta single player the new one is a GAAS"

You have no proof of this. Leaks are not proof, they're not even final design for games.

"Go one jizz cream your pants about rdr2 i got it for free the online is mobile trash sp one way path mission design."

Will do since it pokes holes in your Bullshit argument of "its NoT tHe SaMe cOmPaNy". It's a 50 hour long story epic with one of the most believable living worlds in a video game crammed with details and in my opinion, enjoyable gameplay. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean its bad, it means its not for you and you don'tseem to realizethat its ok to not like a game and not have to try so hard to make others hold the same bias. The only argument you have is "but muh mission design!!". Other than that, you keep pushing your vendetta against Rockstar like I've already proven and not this cringy robinhood of gaming like you see yourself as

"I only paid for boulders gate this year got d4 clank cod etc for free"

Cool, your word means Jack to me. As far as I can tell you probably did the opposite. You're no better than those you call sheep, because guess what? You're one too. Try bringing facts next time and not your feelings.

just_looken180d ago

That is great news you go off to a trump rally or bang a dog what ever you do

I will leave this here


DankSinatra180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Buddy, with how you bitch about all this speculation you'd fit in with a trump rally, all talk and no proof. Bang a dog? Crazy you're the one with a wolf profile pic.

Youve done nothing but prove me right over and over since all you can do is double down on "muh game design", oh look you did it again... Go beat your chest on reddit where you can have your safe space echo chamber because you're not getting that here.

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BrainSyphoned191d ago

Comparing GTA do what you want crime to Bree Larson's peak Disney woke pandering? Gee, show me more pointless studies that point out the obvious.
Next up: Why is God of War better than Doctor Who in 2023?!
In the immortal words of Snow White "Weird, weird"

rippermcrip191d ago

That's a poorly worded headline.

191d ago
191d ago
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Take-Two CEO Cites GTA as “#1 Entertainment Property of All-Time Across All Forms of Entertainment"

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick claims that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is the no. 1 entertainment property of all-time across all forms of media, and cites the recent GTA 6 reveal trailer as proof.

CrimsonWing6920d ago

I mean, GTA V has pretty much stayed in the top 10 for the past 3 generations, which is absolutely nuts.

just_looken19d ago

Right they removed the xbox 360 physics when they ported to ps4 then we lost various items over the years do too censorship then we lost all those cars online for a new paywall system.

But "gamers" supported it all 100% here is my $8usd a month then my ___ a month for xbox live ps plus for a game that was free to play online on the playstation 3.

To think there are still a ton of people out there that think gta 6 will not be a monetized/censored "modern" game is so dam funny.

Can not wait for the $100 gta 6 with the $10 online per month fee like its wow.

just_looken18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Wow i swear 2020 made so many brain dead





I mean i can do this all day please read put down the phones

badboyz0919d ago

Is this news? Mario or pokemon maybe.

just_looken19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

They make money yes but have tossed out alot of games over the years minecraft has had spinoffs.

Gta 5 11 years old makes over a billion each year one game.

Inverno19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

No, it's a great series and I've enjoyed playing a few of the games but there's games i Rather play than GTA. There are movies i rather watch, or manga i Rather read, or albums i rather listen to.

The_Blue19d ago

You would compared a series and not hobbies.

Inverno19d ago

"all forms of entertainment". Books, movies, games, music, sports, theater, are not jus hobbies they're entertaining. For as big as GTA is, for as many people there are that game, there are more that do not play games and most likely haven't ever heard of GTA. They can't claim to be number 1 across all forms of entertainment when there's so many forms of entertainment.