France - 2008 console sales figures

Wiiz writes: "France - 2008 console sales figures:

Nintendo DS - 2.25 million
Wii - 1.6 million
PS3 - 708,000
Xbox 360 - 566,000

Software sales mentions…

1. Mario Kart Wii - 1.3 million
2. Wii Fit - 1 million
4. GTA IV PS3 392,000

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Time Lord3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Considering the credit crunch and that the 360 is half the price of the PS3.

Wow @ Nintendo.

Gambit073571d ago

The scary thing is Nintendo would be in the same position even if they had zero 3rd party support.

gaffyh3571d ago

I guess this shows that PS3 is more popular in EU than the 360, with the exception of UK of course (where things are pretty much neck and neck)

morganfell3571d ago

I am not the least bit surprised. PS3 supporters have continually warned how popular the PS3 was in Europe and is the reason that 16 months only brought the 360 such a slim over all lead. A lead that will begin getting even more hacked down in 2009. I would not be surprised if the PS3 manages to over take that lead in a single calendar year.

belal3571d ago

sold more than 360 in france :) just wait untill uncharted releases over there, they loved number 1 ....