Windows 7 beta is back

Windows 7 beta is back and now is on the main MS page.

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sniper45343567d ago

I'll suggest using internet explorer, the download may not start if ur using firefox

sak5003567d ago

+bubbles man, i was trying and trying not getting through on my Avant browser, but on IE i got straight to KEY and download screen. 3.15GB pretty big iso. Getting 150k/sec bal being used by por oops other downloads.

But thats pretty mean of MS to not to allow d/l through other browsers. I have opera on my N96 so if i wanted to d/l on thru it then it would be no go.

rossiscratch123567d ago

but didn't get a key until today!

I had to change the SATA connections on my motherboard because there was a conflict that prevented the installation. Odd considering XP was installed twice on this computer.

I'm using the 64-bit version and so far everything seems to be running very well.

GlibGamer3567d ago

Got my keys for 32 and 64 bit versions (have both types of systems in the house) and I'll be playing with the OS later on tonight. BTW, if you want to set up a dual boot system with Win7 and XP or Vista, follow this link:

sak5003567d ago

Thanks for the dual boot link. I dont need it though, have 2x250gb 1x120gb and 1x80 gb drives and 10+ partitions. Will choose one to try it out. Already had vista on dual and removed it.

paskowitz3567d ago

If I have Vista 32 bit can I install Windows 7 64 bit (dual boot)? Glib thanks a lot for the link. Really helps not tech savvy guys like me. bubbles.

GlibGamer3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

No problem, always glad to help. Thanks for the bubs.

ShinnokDrako3567d ago

Good, i'll try it but... why it's in the ps3 news? O_o

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The story is too old to be commented.