Xbox 360 Premium Version Selling Better than Core in India: Survey

If you had inhibitions about the sales of Xbox 360 in India, worry not as has done a complete survey on the performance and the small tit-bits that go along with Microsoft's next-gen console, the Xbox 360.

The survey revealed shocking stats, but none as shocking as this, the Premium version, which is the expensive one is outselling the cheaper Core version. called up all the dealers listed on the Xbox 360 India site. Here are some of the stats:

Total Xbox 360 sold: 839
Total Premium Versions sold: 458
Total Core Versions sold: 235
Total Xbox 360 Game CDs sold: 1359

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Booneral4262d ago

Well I remember a news magazine in India or something making a review like thing for Xbox 360, stating the system is not much different from PlayStation 2, and also appeared to be unaware of HD-Output of the system.

Well total Xbox 360 systems sold: 839? Well, I think there are some other European and Asian counties which would inherit a next-gen system easier.

I am not saying that it is unnecessary to expand into India, but maybe it was not the right time for Indian consumers.

Black Republican4262d ago

i wouldnt try selling a console where a lot of religions think things like this (consoles) are bad lol
but i guess if microsoft thinks 800 consoles sold is woth the hastle then what do u lol

AuburnTiger4262d ago

839 consoles sold?? Does anybody know how long the 360 been on sale in that country??

Booneral4262d ago

Not so long, but still the number is laughable.

BIadestarX4262d ago

You want to hear something funier? Nintendo or Sony may never have an official launch on any of these countries. Let's not forget that India is not the US or Europe, people do have to auction their newborns to afford something like this. So the simple fact that Microsoft is stablishing some brand recognition on these countries it's something that will not be that "laughable" 2-4 years from now when the console can be found for $100-$200. It's called investment. And to many is known as business strategy. It may not make sense to many of you when you consider the console current price and consoles sold; but you may also no be famiar with long term investment and hardware cost reduction. LOL.

TheMART4262d ago

Read a bit more accurate guys...

" called up all the dealers listed on the Xbox 360 India site."

The dealers listed on the site could be 1% of all dealers or shops. And it is the right time. It's the first foreign console that launched there officially. That's a big thing. Even if they don't sell incidently that much, their name is all around. Before it was only PC gaming, now it's PC gaming and 360. Wii and PS3 will follow, but MS still have the first mover advantage, especially for the name that will be spread on the news etc etc etc

neeharb4262d ago

See i am an indian and i have the Xbox 360 since Jan2006...did it ever occur to you guys that we can ship consoles or get them from the grey markets(Grey markets have imported goods and they are cheaper than the officially launched ones)
there are thousands and literally thousands of buyers from these markets i have an Ntsc-J console and i order games from websites like play-asia..or local dealers they give me games for a cheaper rate so why will i buy an officially launched game....And we dont have to sell our babies to buy consoles we just dont like the concept of buying consoles just for playing games....we basically have pcs for config is 3Ghz intel processor 1gb ram ati raedon 9600 pro 256 mb ...its just a basic gamers config i aint a hardcore...
Thus these stats are just crap as in i know there are literally thousands of Xbox360s here

TheMART4262d ago

Nice you posted man.

I know in your region people are getting wealthier fast now. The Economy is rising fast, your degree's on university are very high on the total population. You are about the highest educated country in the world and it's widely known Asia will be the fastest growing Economy the next years.

China, India, Taiwan and a couple of other countries will get big fast. Plus, more and more people are able to live like Western countries. And it's going fast.

Some still don't get it. The XBOX 360 will be doing just fine, if it's in the shops, grey import or whatever. And Sony is too late

FX35 below, you should educate yourself.

neeharb4262d ago

Thats right the gdp of india is rising very steadily and we have like so many jobs every freakin guy whoz done engineering gets 625$ a month just a starting salary and it keeps on increasing so there is no problem with economy its just that the console was launched late in india too so people like me have already bought it and there must be thousands like me maan we are so freakingly populated!!!!

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