The Finals is already a hit, with 200,000 concurrent users in less than 24 hours

After being released less than 24 hours ago, The Finals is already a hit, boasting over 200,000 concurrent users on Steam.

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Kaii128d ago

Yeah if we can remove the stun gun from the game that'd be great, how that gets greenlit is beyond me -_-

Majin-vegeta128d ago

Isn't this made by a bunch of Ex Dice devs?That would explain a lot😂

EvertonFC128d ago

Having 200,000 players playing you're game in 24 hrs doesn't mean it's a hit, it could drop to 10,000 the next day after players have tried it.

InUrFoxHole128d ago

Yeah, but could also say it's a great metric for a start?

-Foxtrot127d ago

It’s like how Fall Guys was the biggest game for a little bit and it just fizzled out

Akira2020128d ago

Crazy bullet sponges; Holy Sh!t.

Inverno128d ago

Waiting for that Deck compatibility so i can at least know how it runs.

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