Blade Development has 'just begun', State Bethesda

Bethesda revealed Arkane Lyon's Blade at The Game Awards 2023, and since followed with a statement that the game has 'just begun' development.

Terry_B125d ago

bs. Its in the work since around 2 years.

PrinceOfAnger125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Says random person on a gaming site rather than the developer himself... who to believe?

Terry_B125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Just use logic.

Do you believe a trailer like that was made in a few days? Do you believe all the contracts, intellectual property, license stuff with a company like Marvel is done in a few weeks?

The look of Blade?, The idea to set the game in Paris which means that he is going to have a fight with Dracula who will most likely be the main antagonist and that Quincey Harper will be in the game as well? That it is a third-person action game?

Looks like the game is in development since a lot of time already.

PrinceOfAnger125d ago

Making 1 min CGI trailer does not require 2 years, what they mean by " just begun" they mean the actual game content where you can do/see something in real time in the game engine

Christopher125d ago

***Making 1 min CGI trailer does not require 2 years***

Setting, character designs, etc. take a while since you have to sell those to Marvel and there are a lot of meetings to just get to the look and feel and understanding of where and what is happening. Heck, let alone the look of Blade takes months of work alone.

Terry_B125d ago

"Making 1 min CGI trailer does not require 2 years, what they mean by " just begun" they mean the actual game content where you can do/see something in real time in the game engine"

You clearly never worked in the video game / movie or music industry. ..mr random person ;)

maniacmayhem125d ago


Developers have and could always hire a separate company to create the trailer. Creating a trailer doesn't mean the actual game is in development.

Plague-Doctor27125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


The Perfect Dark trailer was made before they even knew what the game was even going to be


A trailer is proof of nothing. All the other things you said are preproduction, and may have even come from Marvel, we have no idea how involved they are in the story/setting etc

Profchaos125d ago

@Terry games are not just in development there's a pre development cycle that games go through before active development where those details are worked out active development can be extremely time consuming 5 years see s to be more commonly these days.

DOMination-124d ago

Just starting development now doesn't mean Arkane decided to make the game last week.

Usually there is a pre-production phase where the majority of the story is written, mechanics are worked on and technology used for the project is scoped out. The producer then works with the director and development heads to create a design document from which development is worked from. For a AAA game, this usually is a couple of years these days.

Another example, Elder Scrolls 6 has only just started development as well however it has been in pre-production since way back in 2018 or whenever they announced it.

It's common these days for the pre-production to be longer than the development and the term "development hell" is actually inaccurate. Look at Dreadwolf for a game that entered production as early as 2015 but due to lots of things beyond the scope of this post, didn't enter actual development until 18 months ago.

On another note, I feel like announcing this so early was likely a Marvel thing - we've seen it here with Blade and we saw it with Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine - both seemingly outliers in Sony's policy of announcing games these days. The last few movies haven't performed as well so I wonder if Disney/Marvel are making a big push with games. Just my own speculation though, could be completely wrong!

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Christopher125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I think they mean on overall level design, quest design, engine specifications just for it, etc. It's obviously been in development for a while. But they tend to mean with people making the actual game assets, animations, levels, etc.

Also, 'just begun' could also mean that they have a lot more to do and to show, not that they haven't done anything. Only they have a lot more to come.

Terry_B125d ago

^^ this. The whole paperwork, building the story, hiring people all that stuff is most likely a thing since around 2 years already. A big AAA Marvel game like this takes years these days and all the stuff that can be seen in the trailer is not done or thought out in a short time.

VenomUK125d ago

Blade in 2023 is where Hellblade II was in 2019.

Seraphim125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@Terry_B - you basically just explained the planning/conception phase. Game was pitched, license approved, project was given green light to proceed at which point work on art, story, etc. are all done. That is not at part of development but rather part of pre-development. The process in which gets you to the actual development of a game.

Obscure_Observer125d ago

"bs. Its in the work since around 2 years."


Terry_B125d ago

let me improve it.

"bs. It's in the work for at least 2 years."

..now collect more downvotes as usual :-)

Einhander1972125d ago

I don't know why people think that trailer indicates more than a month worth of work. I mean this is a team of artists just making a trailer it's not like they had to do any of the real work like level design combat programming or any "real" set pieces.

Heck with stock/pre-existing assets a very small team could make this in a month easy, heck they didn't even show the character itself in any great detail allowing them to hide any blemishes that would need to be cleaned up for an actual game.

Now i am not making a comment on the actual state of the game I am just commenting on the fact that a studio full of artists could easily bust out a 1 min trailer like this in less than a month.

Terry_B125d ago

Thats all true.

But there are other details. Like as said the look of the characters. The information that the game will take place in Paris. The info that it is a 3rd person action game. This all indicates that a team is working on the game since a while since its foundation is set already and all these details require a lot of work and thoughts behind them. Blade is going to be a really big game for the studio, probably for Disney and for Microsoft of course..everything behind it costs a ton of money and any kind of decisions like the mentioned ones are thought out..pleaded..thought about by other people and either used or thrown away. Especially that the game is set in Paris is quite an interesting decision since we usually seeing American settings in Marvel and Dc games. As a big fan of the old Blade movies and the comics as well I look forward to the game and hope they won't f*** it up.

Einhander1972125d ago

Chief, the location of a game and the fact that it's a third person game are decided before pencil is even put to paper on a story board, that's the kind of information you make as a pitch before development has even started.

This isn't a discussion of how excited you are, this is a discussion about how long it takes a team of artists to make a trailer...

Terry_B125d ago


Well, Perfect Dark and probably Fable too were/are in development hell. I just don't think MS would F up a big Marvel game. Disney / Marvel wouldn't allow an announcement like this if they were not sure about the development. These are professionals after all and not just xbox guys like Phil Spencer.

Einhander1972125d ago

I have every confidence that Microsoft can F up anything they touch.

You can think whatever you want, but I think that if you think this game has even started any kind of serious development especially after they are telling you it hasn't you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

In fact I would actually bet you that Spider-Man 3 comes out before Blade.

Obscure_Observer125d ago

"In fact I would actually bet you that Spider-Man 3 comes out before Blade."

By recycling the same assets, engine and gameplay from previous Spider-Man games, makes it an easy task to complete.

Let´s see how long it takes for an actual game build from the ground up like Wolverine fairs in comparison to Blade.

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raWfodog125d ago

If that were true, they would have announced this 2 years ago.

Terry_B125d ago

yeah..because games are getting announced as soon as a company plans to make them, right?

Not even indie devs are doing that.

Einhander1972125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


How many years ago did Microsoft announce avowed or fable or perfect dark or any of the other games they showed a trailer that still don't even have release dates 4 years later... Heck some of those games didn't even have a trailer only a title card and Microsoft still showed them.

I mean you're probably right that not even indies do that, but we're not talking about indies were talking about Microsoft and they would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT do that.

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Chevalier125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Weird my friend does CG for movies, owns a studio with his own workers, won awards for his work and he would tell you that it does NOT take 2 years to make a trailer. But what would he know? He's only worked on stuff for the NBA, did work with a worldwide group to make indie games, been to major studios for his work.

Also like some had pointed out Perfect Dark ring any bells? How about Everwild? Both games with old trailers with teams with no idea what the game elements are even.


3 year old trailer for Everwild and both mentioned games being rebooted

Terry_B125d ago

I didnt say it took 2 years to make this trailer. I said the game is in development since at least 2 years.

Yeah maybe a silly misunderstanding. With development I meant the whole thing. The first pitch, the first character and story concepts, all the paperwork. While the bethesda official clearly meant the programming /game creating phase.

Obscure_Observer125d ago

I don't think you can tell the differences between comcepts and pre-development stages from actual developement.

Every game born as an idea made into project.

But a project won't made it into actuall developement stage until it got approved
and greenlit by the publisher.

But hey, lets just label the developers as liars for the heck of it.

I mean, why not?

PhillyDonJawn124d ago

Maybe the concept art and business approvals but the actual game design, no.

1Victor124d ago

Now let’s see who’s exclusive Marvel game is better Wolverine or Blade both in the hack and slash genre.
Yes I know there’s going to be some obscured people that will say one is better than the other already.