Metaphor: ReFantazio Reveals New Details About Story and Characters, Screenshots, and Music

Sega revealed new details, images, and music of the JRPG of Metaphor: ReFantazio by the creators of the latest Persona games.

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Metaphor: ReFantazio May Launch On October 11, 2024

According to an insider, the launch date for Metaphor: ReFantazio on the Hong Kong wishlist page may be off by one day.

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jznrpg45d ago

Great. Give me some time to play all of these games coming out the next few months

45d ago Replies(1)
TheColbertinator45d ago

JRPG in another Golden Age? I certainly hope so.


Persona Team’s New JRPG Metaphor: ReFantazio Now Available To Wishlist On Consoles And PC

Players can take their first steps into a vibrant fantasy adventure by wishlisting Metaphor: ReFantazio today.

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10 JRPGs To Look Out For In 2024

Every year brings tons of exciting JRPGs, and 2024 is no different. It's impossible to cover all of the big releases, but here are 10 JRPGs that will likely dominate the year.

Article by Sequential Planet

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shinoff2183102d ago

All these look super dope. Not gonna lie. Granblue dropped a little since someone mentioned yesterday single player was only 20 hours, that hurts. I'll still buy it but not day one.

phoenixwing102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Sorry shin don't shoot the messenger lol if it makes you feel any better the online portion can be played with ai as far as I'm aware.

I plan on buying it.

shinoff2183102d ago

I'll still check it out but when I read that I just got kinda bummed out lol. I was looking forward to it for so long. I had a suspicion I was gonna get some bad news about it once I found out it was online also. I did see it has alot of sidequest and stuff and what you just said about ai partners.

raWfodog102d ago

IMO, every fan of turn-based RPGs should check out the Legend of Heroes games. I've only played within the 'Trails' series myself though. Still, the story and characters are top-notch IMO.

shinoff2183102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Legend of heroes I swear every time I go to really really start this, we get news of more and more older ones coming back out re released. I think news about the sky series being the latest rumor. So I wanna start but I won't let myself. It's fking torture. I did play cold steel 1 on ps3 and it was fantastic (didn't beat or anything but I knocked off a good half the game)

With 3 and 4 cold steel being released for ps5 I need to track down 1 and 2 for ps4 since it's said they can't release 1 and 2 of the cold steel. I sold my os3 copies when news of ps4 ones broke. Then when those came out I didn't have the money to buy them at the time. 2018 19 or so.

If they do re lease the sky ones hopefully they don't do ps owners dirty like last time. Wasn't a huge deal and I prefer my ps over switch anyday but it's said features on switch were better, but not enough to sway me to buy on switch

Yui_Suzumiya101d ago

Persona 3 Reload and Metaphor for me.