The makers of No Man's Sky will simulate a whole planet for Light No Fire

Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Sky, is making Light No Fire, an Earth-sized multiplayer sandbox.

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victorMaje137d ago

The first real open world.
Eyebrow, raised.

zaanan137d ago

And what’s with their obsession with the word “No”?

-Foxtrot137d ago

After No Man’s Skys launch

…fool me once

We’ll see

JackBNimble137d ago

Well it launched like shit , but they did fix and support it, and continue to support it.
I'm not much of a fan but good on them for not abandoning the game.

-Foxtrot136d ago

And? They fixed their shitty product….so they f****** should

Jesus, we need to stop patting developers on the back for doing something that’s expected. They knew if they didn’t support it and moved onto the next game nobody would pay interest to this one.

I care about a product at launch, not what it can turn into years later because think about it if No Man’s Sky launched with what was promised then can you imagine what it would have been today with the years of support? Even better.

victorMaje136d ago

Granted, one must never forget NMS launch. I’m hoping they learned from their mistakes though.

Also at this point they acquired some experience so as not to repeat those mistakes, at least a good chunk of them.
But you can be sure & I would urge anyone, no pre-order.

Nevertheless, eyebrow, raised :)

Phoenix76136d ago

@foxtrot, I can understand your feelings towards hello games and the bad launch.
But I think you need to have a more balanced look at how No Man's sky was developed and what came afterwards.
Watch this vid. Both funny and informative, then come back

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maniacmayhem137d ago

**an Earth-sized multiplayer sandbox.**

My imagination is running wild on how gameplay will be with this. I'm thinking Dr Stone combined with Age of Empires.

gold_drake137d ago

they definitely need to make sure that at launch, everything works right.

MrNinosan137d ago

This game is what got me most hyped after the obvious FFVII Rebirth.
Loved No Man Sky since day 1, and Light No Fire seems to take everything they've learnt during those years, and make it another amazing survival joruney worth exploring for thousands of hours

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It would take over 300 real days to walk across Light No Fire’s world

If you've got almost a year of free time to spare, you could attempt to walk across the entirety of Light No Fire's very large world on PS5 and Xbox.

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isarai132d ago

I wanna see what else you do, if it's just flying and building I'll pass

fr0sty130d ago

For reference, it would take 335 days to walk across the earth, assuming there was a water-free path across the entire equator and you never stopped.

isarai130d ago

Well I was thinking more like combat, dungeons, puzzles, quests, something more than just the same game loop of all the other open world survival/building games out there.

mastershredder131d ago

Size and scale with no substance. Big talk with no real good ideas. Big = Good and cool. He may as well start foaming at the mouth and start talking about multiverse. I mean dude, Sean mimics/dresses like the guys that inspired him that are like 10-20 years his senior (The 'I want to look like a coffee house indy dev' look). He's so full of original ideas, it's literally seeping out of this paid shirt. It's like film students rock'n a Steven Spielberg, as if it is going to meld them into the role.

He wears plaid, enough said.

isarai130d ago

It's just the 1st trailer bro, relax, actin like you just spent 12hrs playing it 🤣

FunAndGun130d ago

Your comment had no substance talking about how others dress.

VivaChe130d ago

I heard it has a quintillion trees