Microsoft's Two Versus Sony's One

Microsoft is going gung ho in February by releasing both Halo Wars (February 27th E.U.) and Grand Theft Auto IV's(February 17th 2009) first expansion titled Lost and the Damned to combat Sony's ultra popular shooter Killzone 2. Taking a cue from last year when it released Ninja Gaiden II a week before Metal Gear Solid 4, Microsoft has given its loyal base of 360 owners a reason to stick along with the its console.

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Kratos193567d ago

I'll take Sony's one, thanks.

gaffyh3567d ago

Lol. I will probably end up getting Halo Wars, even though it will most likely suck cos RTS on console never works, just because there is nothing else to play on my 360. But I'd take KZ2 over those 2 (more like 1.5) games anyway.

Also v4vg was confirmed as an xbox fansite anyway.

IzKyD13313567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

DLC and an RTS vs. The Most Anticipated Game of the Year.
The latter sounds more appealing lol

Giriath3567d ago

Agreed. I think everyone knows which will be the winner of this bout.

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u got owned3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I dont think this two are not enough to compete with killzone 2, the game is just to awesome. Anyway i will get the three of them.

marinelife93567d ago

LOL Killzone 2 is a Halo Wars killer.

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Bnet3433567d ago

I'll take Halo Wars and Killzone 2, but not the DLC.

sonarus3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Am i the only one that thinks listing DLC like its a game is pathetic

0verdrive3567d ago

i believe that they are releasing star ocean 4 in feb as well, am i not right? so technically its 3v1, but that could prove to be problematic for ms in the end, as it has a good chance to splitting up the sales of all 3 of those exclusives. but it seems like they have a "xbox games vs ps3 games sold" mentality, which in my opinion, is stupid. but im not a huge multibillion dollar corporation, so who am i to judge.

Maddens Raiders3567d ago

sniff, sniff.....I smell desperation blowing in from Redmond way.....

Danja3567d ago

nope ur not the only one...besides how long will the content be ?

but KZ2 over the latter 2 any day

lord_of_balrogs3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

More like Star Ocean 4 and Halo Wars VS Killzone 2. Respectfully, all three games cater to different crowds so I don't see how Sony will take any momentum away from MS or MS from Sony. Releasing these games early was just an act to take away from the notion that the 360 doesn't have any exclusives. If anything, F.E.A.R 2 will be the competitor that takes away momentum from Sony, firstly it's in the FPS genre as well and it releases sooner. F.E.A.R 2 is Killzone 2's only real challenge as a PS3 owner will have a choice between the two, and a RTS and JRPG cater to completely different audiences than the shooter audiences.

f7897903567d ago

Killzone 2 vs dlc and a console rts. If everything were free I would choose Killzone 2.

thats_just_prime3567d ago

Well the ps3 fanboys can make fun of Halo Wars all they want but in the end it will easily out sell KZ2. I'm not saying is agoing to be a great game or even a good one but in the end its HALO and halo sells. as for the GTA4 DLC I think MS really screw up on this one the games sucked and I dont see to make going for the dlc

dragunrising3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

For comparisons sake there is no comparison to Killzone 2. I am looking forward to Halo Wars...however its not must buy (for me). I don't need any excuse to buy Killzone 2. Also, GTAIV downloadable content isn't guaranteed to be good. Sold Resistance 1 and 2 to get Killzone 2. I purchased the original Killzone 1 to catch up on the story. Looking forward to fragging some Helghast!


lol, what happened to all the "bluray and ps3 FAILS" articles?

Who fails now?

Why dis3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Most people never heard of Killzone. Who's surprised which one you'll take, the same goes for the rest of the people that agreed with you.

Not buying any of those games.

As for sales you really think a Halo RTS *part of the most popular franchises in history* will be outsold by a sequel to a game that sold alright and has a niche following? lol

PS sites on the web overhyping games won't reach the masses or change PS3's standing(fans of other consoles have no need to defend their console because Wii/360 is not in last place hence all the forced news and extreme behavior from the Sony camp. End of rant


Are you talking about all these forced news posts being submitted in response to real news reporting and releated articles based from sales stats and more?

I think MGS4 will be the king of PS3 games when it comes to sales being close to the hype.

Danja3567d ago

FF13 will put MGS4 day one figures to shame in Japan

KZ2 has a good chance at topping MGS4 1st week sales..

GOW3/GT5 will sell huge also

monkpunk13567d ago

you can shove an rts right up yer bum....

HDgamer3567d ago

I'll take sony's first one too. Let's see an RTS and a DLC/expansion pack.

wanderofys3567d ago

Different audiences? You mean to tell me people don't play multiple genres?

That's an odd assumption.

Of the games mentioned, I'll be getting Killzone 2 and Star Ocean. Personally, I like to kill stuff sometimes, and sometimes I want to play a epic jrpg. There aren't enough good jrpgs coming out to satisfy the average jrpg fan (unless of course, you have an obsession with the insane amount of strategy rpgs from Atlus on the DS). Most of us have moved on to playing a little of everything.

prunchess3567d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I wonder how many 360 owners out there still have a copy of GTA 4 by now. I traded it as soon as I completed it.

"Microsoft has given its loyal base of 360 owners a reason to stick along with the its console."

The above reads like G W Bush speaking about the religious right!


Bob Dole3566d ago

Bob Dole thinks they should make an RTS for the PS3 considering the mouse/keyboard you could use to play it.... and DLC = shiny new poop.

AngryTypingGuy3566d ago

I won't be playing Killzone 2 since I don't have a PS3, but it looks awesome. It will be a great game and a great seller.

On the flipside, a lot of Sony fanboys seem to be bashing the GTA4 DLC, saying things like "it's pathetic" and it's "not a real game". Yes you download it, and yes it might not be as big as the true GTA4 game, but nevertheless it's a new game, with new characters, new missions and a new storyline. It's like a mini-sequel and will be sure to provide its monies-worth. Same with the Halo 3 DLC.

Bob Dole3566d ago

If the original game was as good as it should have been then Bob Dole would actually care about this DLC. Sure people will play it and love it but GTA4 was a big letdown for many, and this new DLC isn't going to change that.

Alvadr3566d ago

I have no time for RTS games and dispite being a big GTAIV fan I will not be getting the DLC.

So I will also takes Sonys 1 which is a big one :)

rubarb233566d ago

I honestly don't think halo wars and the GTA DlC can do anything about it. On the flip side, if Killzone 2 gets sold out by one of the two or both, I wonder what the ps3 fanboys excuse would be?
there is no reason on earth why killzone can't outsell both Halo wars and the dlc for gta. this shouldn't even be a comparison, but whatever.
but then again i would still like to see reactions/comments if killzone 2 does get sold out.

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rhood0223567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

And how well did Ninja Gaiden 2 do against MGS 4?

What this shows ME (i.e. my opinion) is that MS isn't confident in the selling power of these releases and is relying on the name brand of both to blunt Killzone 2. Does this mean MS is afraid of Killzone 2? I don't know. But this move means they are aware of the "potential" the title has. The real test of MS' commitment to these titles however, is how well they'll be marketed.

InMyOpinion3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 did pretty well against Resistance 2 and LBP. Different caliber of games though. If all goes accordingly Killzone 2 will probably outsell Halo Wars and the GTA IV DLC combined.

I'm interested in seeing how well both PS3 and 360 exclusives will fair in February considering most people have spent most of their money during the holiday season.

Aaron Greenturd3567d ago

this is like 2 cars trying to stop a train.

be the train

Kleptic3567d ago

I'm with Jenzo on this one...PS3 fan or not, you have to understand what Halo did...and what it is...remember back when halo: CE was announced as a launch title for the Xbox?...when the PS2 was just finally removing its knives from several important organs of the DC, PC fans flipped out...

'consoles can't play shooters'...Goldeneye at that point was the only game that reached mass market success...arguably because of perfect control scheme for a very out of the ordinary controller...

like or hate Halo...there is no denying that it standardized (sp?) shooter controls on consoles...Infinity Ward arguably perfected it, by getting around the 'its too slow to turn' problem almost perfectly (forcing ADS for nearly all weapon firing, which slows aim speed to something nearly everyone could get comfortable with)...

Halo Wars may do the same thing for RTS games...and there is a considerable market for them...its built from the ground up as a console who knows...none of us have really seen enough of how it will be played to know for sure yet...

but never underestimate the brand...parents could end up buying this game for their children because of the name alone, knowing nothing about it...while there is no doubt for me personally that killzone 2 is the most significant game of these 2.1 games...that is not an opinion most of the general public will share...

and the 'is MS afraid of killzone 2?' stuff is just fanboy dribble...MS is 'afraid' of killzone 2 the same way Honda is 'afraid' of Toyota's camry...its just business...keep releases inline to try to stop people from jumping ship...there is nothing negative about that...maybe it will work...maybe it won't...but MS is doing what any company should do in a situation like this...

the saddest thing is that Nintendo won't do anything...won't have one relevant release for any of their fans...and will still triple PS3 and 360 sales in February combined most likely...that is what least MS and Sony are trying to keep their owneres interested...

oh..and Jenzo...yeah...the only thing left with marketing that will have any significant impact other than what you said is if Sony gets aggressive with price around then...rumors are now that the confirmed Killzone 2 bundle for EU could be at a discounted price...and that the US could have another fire sale on 80gb models...whether or not its a sale for the release window, to move up for a new SKU later on in the year is unknown...but Sony will most likely discount the PS3 considerably around then...even if they take more of a hit financially from cheaper PS3 prices...they will offset that entirely by selling a shat ton of killzone 2 copies...we'll see in about 6 weeks...

acedoh3567d ago

is RTS games have never proven to be big sellers. You find me one RTS game that has sold over 2 million. Now Halo is branding a RTS game. Of course this well draw many Halo fans as well as RTS fans. It will sell well. That doesn't take the power away from Killzone. Despite the first one getting average to mediocre reviews it still managed to sell over 2 million. The hype built for that game isn't even half of what Killzone 2 has received. SONY isn't afraid to show this game off and the quality is showing. Once the game is released and the initial couple million jumps on it the game will receive tremendous word of mouth and continue to sell very well and help grow the PS3... That is the same effect the original Halo had for the XBox. Groundbreaking games make the console just as Gran Turismo made the PSone and Mario made the Nintendo, Killzone 2 will make the PS3...

I believe in the short run Halo Wars will do better but in the long term Killzone 2 will be the winner..

Defiantmac3566d ago

Starcraft has sold 9.5 million copies worldwide, that was the FIRST one I looked at... I didnt even look for C&C Warcraft 1, 2, 3...

InMyOpinion3566d ago

I believe I've read that Sony will market Killzone 2 like no game before. That will probably make a big dent in sales, post holiday season or not.

hippo243566d ago

Killzone has the limelight (and rightfully so), but to not acknowledge other releases is asinine at best.

RTS games have been quite popular in the past i,e, Starcraft and age of empires 2. RTS is by no means a dead genera, and a game being made by the creators of AOE2 is obviously not going to be terrible game, and with the HALO sticker it will sell well.

Its really sad the common argument here seems to be either say "DLC doesn't count", and "no one likes RTS" and/or "halo sucks"

These all seem like cop-outs and while Im not debating the fact that Killzone will be good, I am saddened that people would be so quick to dismiss a possibly wonderful game.

acedoh3566d ago

I should have stated a RTS has not sold 2 million copies on a console. That is what I meant. Needless to say it will be interesting come late February to see what happens...

Sheikh Yerbouti3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I can't see how they could hurt Killzone sales. Isn't RTS dominated by PCs? I've only played them on PCs myself.

And I don't think enough XBox owners have harddrives with adequate size to make DLC meaningful against Killzone.

I was in the beta, and loved it. I hope to get my preorder in before the end of January.

Kleptic3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

like said above...RTS games have never done well on consoles yet...but do very well on PC usually...

and that was the point of my first post...Halo Wars could be the title to change that, just as Halo 1 did for shooters on RTS has never been built from the ground up for a console yet...and, not counting 3 or so shooters for the N64, shooters were rarely built from the ground up for consoles before combat evolved...

we could be sitting here 2 years from now, around the launch of several high profile rts games for consoles...and be saying how Halo Wars is what started the genre on consoles...the past no longer matters in a case like this, as it only takes one great title to blow the doors open for any specific genre on certain platforms...but if halo wars ends up being average, nothing new will come of it...but something tells me that won't be the case...I am just curious as to how much love Ensemble is putting into Halo wars, it being their last game and all under that title...

the only thing going against Halo Wars is that its a game based on a universe comprised entirely of shooters right now...a lot of core halo fans, and shooter fans, do not really enjoy other games...and you start sticking 'strategy' into the genre title, and it gets a even a little more awkward...not every halo 3 player is going to be terribly excited about playing a strategy game (despite what people say about shooters involving strategy; its a different situation)...

and the big release of that period guessed it...another shooters...halo fans may look at killzone 2 and see something they are more interested in than the RTS halo wars...despite completely different fiction...

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heroicjanitor3567d ago

Brand names, nothing more, in the hope people will think new Halo omg! rather than get Killzone 2 or infamous

NickIni3567d ago

Exactly, and sadly; it's likely it will work.

karlostomy3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


I will predict that Halo wars will sell more than killzone2, just on the HALO name itself!
Thus, MS looks to win in profits in Feb.
But i will admit that i want to play KZ2, too. Looks awesome!

Thus, gamers will have a great Halo RTS and one of the best FPS ever coming out in feb. Gamers WIN!

no-spin3566d ago

whoever buys halo wars over killzone does not have a PS3, and they might not get one for killzone. I prefer my PS3 over the 360, but i think there are a lot of happy 360 gamers that dont want to spent money on new consoles. But this comparison of two against one is like comparing a toyota with a ferrari, no similarities!!!
i truly hope MS supports the 360 strongly for the next 3 years, it would add value to the gamers of this generation.

aiphanes3566d ago

Everybody already had that will not sell consoles either when the DLC comes out.

Killzone 2 will rule if Sony markets the hell out of it...and a price drop drops around the same time. Sony will rule...

jessupj3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I believe this to be mostly true, however I think AoE2 is the greatest RTS game ever made so this new HALO RTS could be very good, specially if they are building it from the ground up for a console. HALO will have some very good sales figures because of the name, however I don't believe it will really make any difference to KZ2. They are different platforms and very different geners.

As for the gta4 dc, I think that will be a flop. And no, I'm not saying that just because I'm pro sony. If that dc was coming to the ps3 I wouldn't even be considering buying it. I'm not saying the content in question is going to be of low quality, but I think the missions got old for a lot of people, and lets face it, this content is pretty much just another set of story missions.

All in all, HALO will have good sales, KZ2 will have good sales and move consoles (maybe even convince those stubborn xbox fanboys to come over to the dark side) and gta dc will sell fairy poorly considering the 50 mil ms paid for it.

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Hellsvacancy3567d ago

Killzone 2 baby Woop Woop Woop

Raoh3567d ago

it will not be a smooth run as it should be for sony that month. but its killzone for me.

i'm not completely sold on resident evil 5 yet so i'm renting that one from gamefly first.

while excited for star ocean 4, i'm downloading my 360 titles..

and i havent played street fighter 4 since they tried to go 3d. thats going to be another rental for me.

so it will be killzone all the way for me