Charity Giver Wins Free WoW Lifetime Subscription

World of Warcraft players donated a pile of money to Blizzard employee Katherine Allen's fundraiser to battle blood cancer. Her original goal was $5000, but at the end the players contributed altogether a staggering $34, 634. The money will go to the Leukemia and Lymophoma Society.

Katherine's success is in large part her offer to give away four free WoW subscriptions to four lucky players in a random drawing at the end of the fundrasier.

Yesterday from the fundraiser's website, Katherine announced that the three people who won a 1 year subscription card was Christopher B., Bryan P., and Trevor H. Those guys will dance and sing when they receive their prize but Colin R. will be the one soaked in tears since he won the free lifetime subscription, all paid by Katherine.

To have qualified for the prizes, each participant needed to donate a minimum of $25 and mention wether they were for the Allegiance or Horde in the donation form.

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Sasanova4195d ago

worthy prize for a worthy cause...everyone wins here.

UltimateIdiot9114194d ago

But is it healthy to be a WoW addict for life?

Sniper_amer4194d ago

this is first page material.

devilhunterx4194d ago

Dealers make the money on the comeback.

ambientFLIER4194d ago

Imagine if all the WoW players donated $1?

Maticus4193d ago

It's 'Alliance' or Horde :P

Cool story though.