Killzone 2 Dev Team Confirms "No plans for CGI Killzone Animation Movie"

On the official Playstation forums... MotherH was asked "has GG ever thought of making an action packed CGI Killzone animation movie."

Find out what MotherH had to say about it...

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Cwalat3566d ago

hmm.. i think a animated CG movie would be cool..
but not very "WOW"...

just let them continue with the KZ franchise on the PS3..

Killzone 3 anyone ? :)

Saint Sony3566d ago

Would be fool not to milk it, now that they have got it to look what they were after.

I just hope the story is going to be their main target. With Killzone 2 it has been the looks, but can't blame them. Sony did bring the pressure on GG with their lies.

Maddens Raiders3566d ago

don't be surprised at all when an actual CG movie is announced...

RememberThe3573566d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony Pictures jumped on it. But, you never know.

Mr Tretton3566d ago

Saint Sony fails at life.

Sony PlayStation 33566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Why would we need a CG movie when we have a game that looks CG :)

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Forbidden_Darkness3566d ago

I bet Mr. Blu-Ray was the one who asked this.

ThePlaystationFour3566d ago

I wonder if there will be a Live Action Killzone movie..

LarVanian3566d ago

Lets hope not. Hollywood would turn Killzone into one cheesy ass action movie. They would probably hire Uwe Boll to direct the film too (Shudders then vomits).

I'd rather see Resistance made into a movie. The visuals and atmosphere would be awesome.

Tetsuryu3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

The closest thing out there is this. It was helmed by the same guy who directed the first two Ghost in the Shell movies.

stpiio3566d ago

^....or the Kerberos saga.

Rourker3566d ago

if they made a TV mini series out of it, like band of brothers type thing.

Are_The_MaDNess3566d ago

got a link 2 that movie?
it looks cool
anything stream, DDL, torrets?
i dont evern care if it got subs lol

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elorm93566d ago

I think a live action movie would work better

Banjo-Kazooie3566d ago

It probably will fail day 1 just like Killzone 2 will.

Graphics Whore3566d ago

Lmao, maybe it's a joke poster?

ReTarDedFisHy3566d ago

Anyway, it's kinda impossible for something to fail if the company has no plans to release it, haha.

dukadork23566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

wait... he's serious...

anyways, we're getting CG quality live in a game, the only thing they need to do is a fancy ingame capture system with slo-mo and post effects and we'll have an avalanche of KZ2 user content.

go for it GG!

while you're at it, add a good coop mode.

Denges3566d ago

So this is how it is..

PP makes a new account every week

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