GRRLGAMER: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Review

"I admit I am a little biased since I have enjoyed this franchise since the first title was released on the Xbox, I absolutely love Crypto (he's like this ugly cute mascot I'd love to have) and the mean sense of humor of the dialogs are right up my alley. But I must say that Path of the Furon really doesn't look like a 360 game should.

Still, it has the same cheesy, crazy and rude tone of the previous games. And carnivore plants. And wacky mini-games that are oh, so wrong. And even more anal probing."

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Cajun Chicken3571d ago

That was the review I needed. F**k reviews, I'm going to get this because I need more DAH!

Roll on EU release! (Hopefully tweaked, might get PS3 version, depends on install and if any halfassed 'technical issues' arise)