Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting Among Us collab announced, Adventures mode drops

Vampire Survivors is getting exciting new Among Us crossover content, and Poncle just dropped Adventures mode.

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Keep on shooting with the Contra-themed Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns

Love Contra? Love Vampire Survivors? Of course you do - in which case you should be getting involved in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

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Vampire Survivors Coming to PlayStation, Contra DLC Incoming

Vampire Survivors is coming to PlayStation, and a collaboration with the Contra franchise is also on the way.

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P_Bomb37d ago

Perfect for when you just wanna knock out some runs and not get bogged down by anything too heavy. Addictive loop.

SimpleDad36d ago

Oh man... finally! Garlic! I need garlic!

Gaming4Life198136d ago

This game is so addictive and ps gamers are not ready lol. I've got a crazy amount of hours in this, glad that more people will play th8s underrated gem.

Eonjay36d ago

Perfect for PlayStation Portal just like Army of Ruin.

BrettAwesome35d ago

I've played this so much on Steam deck 😂♥️ 10/10 double dip

Eonjay35d ago

Same. I purchased on steam but will be getting it again as well

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