That Gaming Site: Should John Tobias return to Midway?

Mortal Kombat co-creator returned to the series he helped develop so many years ago drawing the comic book for Mortal Kombat vs. DC. Question is, should he return to active development on Midway?

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Cajun Chicken4195d ago

If he's welcome by Midway, I guess.

Cernex4195d ago

It's not as if he was fired like Pesina, neither as if he sued them like Ho Sung Pak and gang. He quit.

Still, it is possible Midway doesn't want him there.

El Cernex

ReBurn4195d ago

Return to Midway to do what? Make more Mortal Kombat games? If Midway had an opportunity that Tobias wanted to pursue then it would make sense for it to happen.

It seems to me that this article is just nostalgia on the author's behalf. If I had a really cool job at one time and I moved on to do something else I couldn't just go back to the cool thing later.

Cernex4195d ago

John Tobias made, what, one "original game", and then he was forced to do a Wresltemania game, and a "Charlotte´s Web" game. Really, from doing such uniterestic projects to work again in MK, I think MK is the obvious answer.