TR Review: nVidia GeForce GTX 295

There's been something of a trend in the computer component industry over the last few years with Intel and nVidia ruling the roost in terms of CPU and graphics card performance, respectively. Meanwhile AMD/ATI has gone through a bit of a rough patch but has recently come back strong with some competitively priced products that, while perhaps not the fastest, have proved to be worthwhile investments nonetheless.

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GIJeff4195d ago

to watch nVidia scramble around throwing out several models of graphics cards as fast as they can to try to beat the 4870 and 4870 x2. Ive seen the 4870x2 at 399 now, makes it hard to want to get anything else. nVidia has been acting wierd lately. They pushed out the 9800gtx and gtx+ for what? Why didn't they just go straight to the 2xx series? At least the jump from the ATI 3XXX to the 4XXX was a really big one.

Xi4195d ago

When I look at what nvidia is doing, it's like they spent most of their RnD on partying,, ignoring the fact that while ATI wasn't sellling as well as they were, they were also still working. Now nvidia is scrambling to get something out the door that can compete at a resonable price.

El_Colombiano4195d ago

Totally agree. Also, I think this whole "join two existing GPU's on one card" just to beat out the other guy is stupid. I say they should release high end cards less frequently and focus on making the next card so much better than the last.

Close_Second4195d ago

...the race between the PS3 and 360 is cut throat but it does not even start to compare to the race for hardware supremacy between ATI and NVidia.

If it were not for their low end chip sets ending up in laptops and low spec PCs these companies would soon run out of money for R&D.

El_Colombiano4195d ago

Wow so the GTX 295 is the best GPU out there atm. Props to nVidia, but costs so much for it compared to the 4870X2. Either way the 295 is way more PSU efficient.

Taco_Waffle4195d ago

Does anybody else think that card looks like a modded VHS tape at first glance?