PlayStation accounts are being ‘permanently suspended’ and no one knows why

Sony has suddenly handed out a lot of unexpected bans.

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Babadook7168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

This happened to me. To my knowledge I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t play online much for years and suddenly I can’t play any downloaded games.

Zeke68168d ago

Try "restore licenses". Worked for my friend at least. I guess they updated a server and they F'd up. Seems they fixed that now.

Terry_B168d ago

yup..works with the restore licenses option...the one person who downvoted you must be ..dumb.

Babadook7168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Restore licenses worked for me. Thanks a lot for the tip my friend. (The downvotes are a strange thing to see)

Zeke68168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Of course certain N4Gmembers gives downvotes for trying to help. I'm not surprised to be honest. ;)
Glad it worked for you guys at least! Spread the word! :)

Rynxie168d ago

How can you lose access to everything you bought because of a permanent ban? I can understand not being allowed to access new content, or going online. But to strip you of all your digital purchases? Why hasn't anyone sued Sony (or any other digital distributor with similar practices)? Seriously, crap like this makes me want to go full physical. Usually I buy digital if it's a kids game. But I'm thinking of just going full physical.

Terry_B168d ago

never read any user agreements, eh?

Rynxie168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Screw any user agreement, that's predatory. They need to be sued. You want to ban someone permanently, that's fine. However, you don't lock them out of their legally bought products. Just like they want to protect their ips, we need protection in securing the digital media that we purchased.

It's completely unfair. They can sue you for millions just for downloaded their ip. Yet, they can strip you of all your legally bought products and screwing you out of x amount of money?

Babadook7168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I am suspecting a hack and/or phishing. I actually scanned a QR code that came up while loading a game. I've never seen that happen. This QR link took me to the official PS app where I was promoted to change my PW which I did. I was then told that my account was permanently banned. I still haven't got ahold of Sony Support which doesn't open for another 34 min. We will see how that goes. I hear others are getting their accounts fixed, I haven't tried the "restore licences" yet.

Babadook7168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I did the restore licenses trick and it worked.


For those with this issue:
Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses. Select Restore.

isarai168d ago

This has always been the case with nearly any digital storefront. It's in the user agreement and is why there are such strong advocates for physical. We've literally been warning people about stuff like this for over a decade.

Babadook7168d ago

Can’t argue with you. This is my first gen I deceived to go digital (because PSVR2 is more seemless not having to fish for discs) but my ps5 has a disc drive. I may buy discs from now on. It’s also cheaper cause you can sell them after. This should never have happened.

gold_drake168d ago

this is the age of digital goods.

why u think dont like digital only stuff ha. its never yours

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DickyD1226168d ago

So the accounts are already being restored? I'm guessing this is a non issue and it was a slow news day.

ModsDoBetter168d ago

No, regardless of if they're "already being restored" it's an issue.

To pay for games and have your access restricted due to a clear error on Sony's part is an issue.

Stop trying to defend digital practices & Sony mistakes. I bet my left nut if this was a Microsoft issue, you'd be alllll over it.

DickyD1226168d ago

How many did this effect? This is just a click bait article from the verge trying to get traffic. If you don't like this be prepared for a whole digital world.
My credit card got locked after going on a vacation and Sony banned my account after my cc company pinged it as fraudulent. I lost everything til I paid them. Wasn't sonys fault.

ModsDoBetter168d ago

"Wasn't Sonys fault" 😂

Absolutely was.
Their first thing is to go straight to banning without any sort of communication.

Regarding your point and attempt to downplay with "how many did this effect?" 1. One is too many & 2. You don't know either so you can't say "non issue".

mastershredder168d ago

The delivery sucks. …and no one knows why.

dude. Don’t assume no one knows (they totally do I common), they just are not saying. privy details you are not, and making this whole report moot.

P_Bomb168d ago

Did a search, read some comments. Scary stuff! Digital libraries are huge nowadays. Customer service needs to acknowledge this.

Snookies12168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

"Digital libraries are huge nowadays."

Yes they are, my Steam library is sitting at 352 games currently. And mine is extremely small compared to a lot of others on there. I've known people approaching 5,000 on their list.

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