Rockstar Games developers disappointed with premature GTA 6 trailer release

A few Rockstar Games developers have predictably expressed their disappointment with the prematurely released GTA 6 trailer.

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Ezio2048134d ago

I understand what they must have felt but cat is out of the bag now and the trailer is the best thing to come from this gen, so that should make them happy I guess.

RaidenBlack133d ago

Here's a cool thread breakdown from a game director gushing over some of the development details in the GTA VI trailer.

TheColbertinator134d ago

Oh no. They can cry in the money they are about to make.

-Foxtrot134d ago

Maybe next time just say “trailer coming tomorrow” rather than a month lead up. Less chance of people overthinking within a day and leaking it.

NotoriousWhiz134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Leakers going to leak. Doesn't matter what if any lead up they have.

-Foxtrot133d ago

By the time they did though you wouldn’t have to wait long before the actual trailer

These leaks have been going to on for a few days now

DarXyde134d ago

I would personally just say "announcement".

Wouldn't even specify a trailer.

It really does suck though. The anticipation of having something huge to show after a decade of silence, and it gets leaked. I get it.

RAFTECH26134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

The trailer was meh….. to be honest.
I’ll wait for the next trailer

A lot of youtube content creators are trying to hype up the game with reactions to get views… I get it…. But c’mon it was mid …. At best

Jin_Sakai133d ago

Meh? GTA6 trailer was fire. Visuals are incredible and the amount of NPCs on the beach was crazy. Best looking game the gen by a mile.

badz149133d ago

THAT! He was trying to highlight just THAT! People are overhyping this like the 2nd coming. And by a mile? Sure...if you have been limiting yourself to only game on the Series S this whole gen.

NotoriousWhiz133d ago

I don't know about best looking game, but like GTA V (on the PS3/360), this will probably be the game that pushes these consoles to the limits. Not just because of graphics, but the huge number of NPCs, the open environment, and who knows what kind of physics we can expect.

RaidenBlack133d ago

People are actually anticipating the new advanced simulation(s) from the density in the trailer & experience from RDR2.
Not entirely the visuals alone.
I get your point. Its not super-jaw-dropping from the visuals alone. But the R* trademark simulation & scale will surely wow us. (but its pretty good-looking, ngl)

KwietStorm_BLM133d ago

It's the exact type of trailer #1 we always get with GTA, an overview of the location with small story elements and lots of pedestrian clips. The reason this one looks so good is because they really captured Miami and don't seem to be filtering out anything. And we can already tell the civilian depth is a whole lot higher than what we're used to. The animations and the color grading also looks great, and it fits the theme. YouTubers react to everything anyway. Why do you feel this is any different? And what else are you going g to do but wait for the next trailer? We all have to wait for it.

LightofDarkness133d ago

I would want to see massive changes in quest design and emergent gameplay in order to be excited at all. I do not and will not ever understand the hype behind these games, they’re just edgy teen bait with poor gameplay fundamentals and ever more restrictive quest design. Big fat MEH.

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EazyC133d ago

How does this actually happen? I assume someone in the inner circle at R* did it?

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CDbiggen12h ago

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